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Tuesday, 13 August 2013



Art by Ben R. Dilworth and Terry Hooper-Scharf (writer)

black & white
164 pp

Price: £10.00
Germanys first super heroes have fumbled along since the “Externsteine Event” -authorising action figures and TV appearances being the main workload.

One day something crashes into forestry followed by a “white out” event and the appearance of the Pied Piper of Hameln and then the appearance Frederick Barbarossa seemingly out of history at D-Gruppe headquarters and his calling them into action. 

 At the Place of the Gods, D-Gruppe meets heroes from other German parallels –all targeted and some destroyed by a seemingly all powerful being known as “Zeitgeist” and the race is on to find and stop “It” before D-Gruppes Earth is attacked.

 But there is a traitor amongst the heroes.

And then comes the betrayal and deaths.

 They were Germanys first. 

Germanys best heroes. 

But will they live long enough to succeed in their task? 

This book collects together the first adventure of D-Gruppe –Revenge Of The Ice Queen– along with the three part Zeitgeist saga and the 2012 annual that concluded the German super hero epic— plus other features! Art by Ben R. Dilworth

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