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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Black Tower Comics: Thaddeus Twatt -Voyages In The Micro-Galaxy

Black & White
55 Pages
Price: £8.00
Ships in 3–5 business days

The previous two volumes collected together as one!

The Fearful Fate of Friggia
Eccentric scientific genius Professor Thaddeus Twatt has decided to look in on one of his late father’s experiments… …but then his nephew, Tomas, arrives for the Summer. Tomas has been warned that his uncle is a little “odd” but expects to have a carefree holiday in the Somerset countryside. That was his plan. 

In the late 1940s, Twatt’s father, along with other scientists, had created a miniature galaxy in chambers deep beneath the Cheddar countryside. A miniature galaxy into which groups of settlers flew. After decades it seems time to visit the “Twatt-verse” and see how things have gone. 

 Tomas thinks it’s all a joke…until he is miniaturised! The duo find the entrance to the mini-verse mined and then their craft crash-lands on the first planet they approach. 

They find what seems to be a barren, frozen world —until captured by a group of survivors and a story is told of betrayal, sabotage and a great “Worm” that devastates cities. 

 Are the duo trapped of frozen Friggia forever…?

The Jungle Planet

 Following their escape from the planet Friggia, Twatt and Tomas find what appears to be a jungle planet –complete with rather odd life forms.

 However, as Professor Twatt casually strolls around the Jungle Planet he finds a mine complex using slave labourers —then he sees the crystal-like flying saucer and realises that the impossible has happened….

The Crystallids are here!

But what are the Crystallids and what is Twatt’s connection to them. Some of the secrets of Professor Twatt’s earlier life could be exposed by a chance encounter with a Crystallid prisoner —a man who knows Twatt...

The question is: will Twatt and Tomas live ?

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