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Sunday, 11 August 2013

How Imagineers Proved I Was Right About Doing Interviews!

People keep asking me why I do not do interviews.  Well, if it was a serious -SERIOUS- interview I might relent.

However, the fullest interview I gave was with Canadian Phil Latter and it goes off in all directions so, though I am not happy with it, others seem to be. Which brings us to Lee Davis.

Lee produced a zine titled Mondo in the late1990s to 2003 (?) which contained strips, reviews and lots of photographs of Daily Sport page 3 girls with drawn over(photo) costumes added. It was fun and I even drew a strip for Lee but I've no idea what happened with that!

Anyway, he did his research and asked whether I'd consent to an interview to go into Imagineers magazine?  I relented. He had a good few of my publications plus samples of work I did for other companies even I never had -how could this go wrong?

Well, firstly, I never heard a word from Lee again and despite rumours I did not "disappear him".  Secondly, It was only at a 2003 Bristol Comic Expo when someone mentioned my interview in the magazine that I even knew it had been published. Yep, neither Lee nor the editor (standard courtesy with magazines -or it was) sent me a complimentary copy. Nice.

Rushing around I found one last, slightly tatty copy.

I wish I had not.

I cannot even...dare not...write what I said out loud when I saw the 'interview'! Did he use any of the work he mentioned in the interview? No. He used doodles I had made on the corner of letters/notes. ****** AWFUL!!!  One page he did use was from a 1986 copy of Adventure featuring Prentiss -The Mummy...story mine but not the art.

And the serious interview?

Well, bugger all seemed to be used just the non-interview jokes - and was it put together with any order in mind??   I read it and thought that if I was not me and saw this I'd think "what a tosser!" And an amateurish tosser to boot!

Who the **** was editing Imagineers?

So,after 11 years I have calmed down slightly but when I found this issue in a box I thought "I'll show them WHY!"

One thing I note is that, even in 2002, I was preaching the "same old gospel" to a dead congregation! But it is funny....I have to laugh.....Lee -where are you?

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