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Thursday, 22 August 2013

CBO Reviews

There are going to be a few reviews over the next few days.  Cinebook The 9th Art have sent six books to review -and you'll find nowhere else on the internet that reviews and posts about these books than CBO.  I've taken pride in supporting Olivier Cadic's company since they set up.

And one from Titan Books -DMC -Devil May Cry that looks interesting.

Remember: it does not matter whether you are a Small Presser or Cinebook, Titan, Casterman -EVERY book that turns up is reviewed no matter what. That has always been the CBO policy, whether on the old WordPress site or here. What is more, books are reviewed fairly. I've been reviewing since 1984 and in publications as well as online and coming from the comics creation/publishing side -and zines originally- I know the score.

Yes, German publications ARE welcome. But if your books are not in English, French (I have a smattering -but a good ointment) or German it does not matter.  Just make sure you send the following:

(1) The Book -I will absolutely NOT ever touch a pdf or fileshare link. We need to prove the book IS real.

(2) In English (it doesn't have to be perfect) the book title and a brief synopsis of the story, etc.

(3) How people can order the book -online link or postal address

(4)  HOW people can pay for the book.

(5) list publisher, writer, artist etc.

Now, you can send (2)-(5) in a word Doc in advance. But there are no exceptions made: because of past experiences where books were reviewed and people ordered them but lost their money because it was a con, I insist on a printed copy.

That's it.  Just in case, though, it might be worth checking on postal charges from/to Europe or the USA dependent where you are as CBO seems to have a large international base of regulars.

And if you organise comic events -let me have the details.

There. Be happy.

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