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Friday, 9 August 2013

CBOs Friday Top 5 Postings Chart

Hi there, chart-pickers! Terry "Fluffer" Hooper with this week's Friday Top 5 Postings.

Unbelievably, straight in with the most hits this week...

(1) Gestetners, The Small Press And How I Wasted My Life!

Shooting straight in at 5, another new entry...

(2) Single Celled Organism New Head Of DC Comics  -His Brother Takes Over At Marvel!

Still in the top 5 but down two places...

(3) Accent UK: Western Noir 3-The Siren Song Of The Mississippi Mermaids

And another new top 5 entry so maybe someone is reading these things...

(4) The Reality Of Wanting To Be In The Comics Business

No surprise that the next item got into the top 5...

(5) Chinese Manhua, Manhwa & Manga

So what will be in next Friday's Top 5 here on CBO? Believe me: your guess is as good as mine!

And WHO is visiting from WHERE?  Well, in order of highest hit counts first:

1.  United Kingdom

2.  United States

3.  Latvia

4.  Germany

5.  China

6.  Russia

7.  Sweden

8.  Poland

9.  France


And who says that this is not the CBO Age of Internationalism?


Just to show that visitor hits to CBO are not "typical" to all the blogger sites, the hits for the British Golden Age Comics blog come from (highest hits downward):

United States

United Kingdom


New Zealand







Ahhhh. It's good to be the King.

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