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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Kult Creations Savage Jungle Princess #4 A “Dead” Winner”?

Savage Jungle Princess no.4
(W) John Short  (A) Gabby Noble
Kult Creations
Full colour
US format
UK £3.75
US $5.50
The first Savage Jungle Princess storyline comes to an end! Evil Nazis -alive or zombified but all women in various degrees of, uh, what can I write -unclothedness (that is so Middle English I’m not even sure it’s a real word but this is MY blog!
Ultimate Nazi death weapons. Savage natives (all women in states of disrobement) and some of the most rib crunchingly painful dounble entendres ever.  My favourite line: “Princess! Don’t worry I can do breast stroke!”
It’s pure fun.  The comic should have been distributed properly but, sadly, Diamond UK have their heads up their asses. So this MIGHT have worked for them -bondage, whipping and a lot of very touchy feely hands.
Best read while alone at home with the curtains pulled, or at bath time. I prefer reading this by torchlight under the bed covers (but NOT after a baked bean supper).
Want to know what it’s all about? Well….
Issue #1 reviewed:
Issue #2 reviewed:
Issue #3 reviewed:
And look out for John Short and Kult Creations table at the Bristol Comic Expo! Apparently this year he will be in cosplay as Savage Jungle Princess…..I may have made that up, though….

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