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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Reviews Policy Reminder

Despite everything posted on Christmas Day having vanished,CBO still got 20000 hits. Well,there is enough to read here!

I want to make it clear where our policy on reviews and interviews stands as so many people have not been reading what I’ve written before!

Oh, and news -all I need is a word doc Press Release and 2-3 images. NO ZIPPED OR FTP LOCATED FILES!!!!!!!!

1. We do not touch Marvel or DC comics (trade paperbacks/books/media merchandise only)

2. The exception to [1] is if an artist or writer is working for either company but also works for Independent publishers .

3. We review and interview people/publications covering the Small Press and Independent Comics as well as those involved in Manga,Manhwa and Manhua.

4.  Because of legal problems as well as time wasting in the past where heavily promoted   books have never gone to print it is our STRICT POLICY that we do NOT base reviews on pdf documents.  We’ll look at them prior to interviews or to mention them in passing but if you WANT a review we need a hard copy.  No hard copy =NO review.

5.  Press Releases:Word Doc with one or two jpeg images.

DVD/Book  reviews

In the past we have been asked to review DVD releases [such as Speed Racer] and as it’s within our remit we said “yes”.  Then the DVDs never turn up [as with Speed Racer].

Our policy is this:You want a review of such items send them. Do NOT waste my time with needless and pointless correspondence.

Press Releases should go to:
Review material to:
Terry Hooper
c/o: 203 Ashton Drive
Ashton Vale
Bristol BS3 2PY

Not much to take in really.  Doesn’t matter whether the comic is in English or not. Obviously,foreign language we go by art,though.

Always,always ALWAYS send details such as:

*number of pages

*format [US/Mag.,etc]

*cover price [if orderable from you include a postal cost if you can]

*contact info

There. Ever forget just check under Review Policy!

c/o   203 Ashton Drive
Ashton Vale
Bristol BS3 2PY

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