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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Do You Enjoy CBO?

If so there is one way YOU can help and it will not cost you a penny -just a couple seconds.

You see the Adsense advert to the right? Every click on this gets CBO a couple of pennies (seriously) and to keep things going it would be nice to see CBO making some money -it might secure its future.

Now, yesterday there were over 13,000 hits on CBO (it seems to range from 12800 to 19,000 a day). If just 25% of you simply clicked the advert and returned to CBO you would be helping.  You do not get charged or give details. Its that simple: click on Ad then return to CBO.

PLEASE if you can help  starving old artist CBO continue.



Well, 14,000 hits on CBO yesterday and 7,000 so far today. How many have kindly clicked the advert to help CBO out?  TWO. Seriously? A couple of seconds to click on ad and then back are too precious to use this way?  sigh.

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