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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in 'Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice'

The first look at the new Wonder Woman costume was revealed at San Diego Comic-Con, 2014. (Credit: WB)


  1. Wonder Woman standing in an apocalyptic city scene - hair carefully tousled. Sword drawn. This, along with the 'leaked' Batman and Batmobile photos of a month ( ? ) ago, shouts two things at me - already over budget, and short on script. I'm already in pain. I don't need more.

  2. Hah! And yesterday I spent from 1300-2340 hrs redesigning the Dr Morg pages so that they are good enough to fit in with Green Skies -43 pages added in a day breaks my all-time record!! The old book still stands by itself. I'm over budget at 45p and I think I've gone over 200 pages already. But its my "magnus opus" that no one will buy so what!!

  3. 43 pages ? I envy you. I'm crawling along at around half a page a week at the moment. Here's a small suggestion for you. Cut Green Skies into 30 page chunks. Publish it as 12 x 36 page comic books with additional text features explaining some of the characters histories as well as linking strips for individual characters ( like my 1 page Gronw Pebyr piece about a year ago ) - when those are all published, issue the big size mega volume with a new double ending - like the first version of Twilight Of The Gods
    ( which was fantastic, simply because - I never saw it coming... and yet - if you know the work - it's the perfect ending ) If you're concerned about cutting through material - don't worry. You and I can design pages that introduce each part ( much as I did with Runestone a few years ago ) . Anyway. Suggestion over. Time to go to hospital.

  4. Ahh. The days of the old "part works"! For just over 400 pages you'd be looking at 12 issues (if 36pp) and you would need to 1) charge a cover price that reflects all costs, 2) be able to guarantee that all the work will result in 3) sales. The thing is that most people today do not want to spend money or bother collecting 12 issues or so. They all want self-contained books. The majority want Marvel or DC and COLOUR. Alf Omega Potter found out how things have changed. And then you have the other factors (I'll need to do a posting on that). People seem to think Return of the Gods worked better as a book than it did as a series. Also, remember, that's twelve cover illoes and then the text design, twelve uploadings and twelve times going through the publishing process. But, just to piss you off...from 14:00-21:30 hrs yesterday I typed up 8 pages that are supposed to go at the beginning of Green Skies. I'll send you copies of those next week. At the moment I am doing what I can because my eyes are causing enough problems but at some point my hands are going to go again!! I wish we could just go slap it ona photocopier like the old days!!!

  5. Ah...the old days... I remember them well.... as for sending me stuff - don't ! Too expensive. Put the money towards the marts. Put them up on CBO. It'll be good advertising - if you're going to send me anythng, send me something I can use to ink ! Photo copies of old stuff, new stuff - I don't care ! I just need something to do. It may not work very well - my hand is a piece of shit right now -but I can do something !!! AARGH. Frustration/ Depression/Whatever. Nice to feel alive. Word.