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Thursday, 31 July 2014

I KNOW! Helene Fischer #1 Again! And Why Not?

Künstler Titel
Helene FischerMarathon

Nockalm QuintettDu warst der geilste Fehler meines Lebens

OlafIch gebe Dir mein Wort

Alexander KlawsMorgen explodiert die Welt


Nik P.Geboren um Dich zu lieben

FantasyR.I.O. - Es geht nach Rio De Janeiro

Uwe BusseApplaus für Dich

Patricia GabrielaSaudades

G.G. AndersonNie wieder Goodbye

Die AmigosSommerträume

Claudia JungNicht nur eine Nacht (Wings of Love)

Roland KaiserIch fege die Sterne zusammen

Linda HesseKnutschen (Ich kann nichts dafür)

Oliver FrankBriefe von Sarah

SchwesterherzLass Mich Noch 100.000 Mal

Wolfgang ZieglerLiebe ist Leben

Jörn SchlönvoigtAlle Deine Küsse

Anna-Carina WoitschackAuf einmal ist es wieder Sommer

Norman LangenIch wähl' Deine Nummer


  1. A popular song chart ? I think information does need some kind of explanation to put it in some kind of context. "German Top Popular song Listing" or something. Still....Helene Fischer... I'll check her out on you tube. Still #1 ? I wonder why .... get back to you....

  2. Listen, Lanky: Helene Fischer is ALWAYS #1, got it? Unless, of course Ella Endlich is around. Hey, I listen to German Schlager music while I work -problem??? Mind you WHY I posted that on CBO I have no idea. Oh, and sending a package off to you today. Another question:you have the Dr Morg Trilogy?

  3. OK OK ... I get it....always #1.... OK.... It's always nice to something a bit different - it broadens the view, you know ? We could probably do with a music video from Helene Fischer to accompany this if there are any available on you tube. Anyway - yes. I have Dr. Morg. It's where I got the name Jasmine from for the 8 page Kathatakathalaka story that you posted a while ago - did anyone view that at all ?
    In fact that is a question - do any of the items of mine that you posted get any views or comments ?
    Anyway - looking forward to the package arriving - I hope it's not too expensive, as I've said before; save it for the marts.

  4. That question about views tells me you have not received my letter! Yes, people DO view the items but comments? I think there are four people who comment on CBO -Subzero, Kid Robson, TwoHeadedBoy and You. It's why I say I have only the hits counter to prove ANYONE visits the site!! That single Bat illo ("He Is Waiting He Is Watching") got 14 hits while Mob Justice got 18 and "Love" got 52. Might not seem massive but it is showing people your work and I don't get one thing: people come on to CBO after a day of grafting and 1,675 do that on Monday, say, then if the CBO cartoon is the first item on the page they SEE it. I think the daily stats are people from Face Book and Google+ who follow the link. In fact I'm such a dumb sod that never occurred to me. But it makes sense. So 52 is SPECIFIC to people following the link I've posted. So, views of your work are not as depressing as I thought!!! oh, just sent a package to you -£4.75...and I actually thought that was cheap. And, yes, at 0300 this morning I realised I had sent you the Morg book so why I wrote it.....I'm old.

  5. Thanks for posting the Helene Fischer video - I'll watch it a little later on. I'm glad people see the work. Though why people don't comment...hmmm... I keep toying with the idea of making a few issues of an internet comic - say 12 B5 PC pages per 'issue' - useing characters from the BT Universe, basically as an ad. for the books on lulu. The PC comic would be 3 or 4 issues max. What do you think ? Would that be too much for you to scan onto the site ? I don't want to waste your'd be some time in the making anyway, the way my hand is. But still... would it be OK ?

  6. People never comment. I think CBO from Yahoo 360 to MySpace and WordPress to Blogger in 14 years there is hardly ever much in the way of comment. There have been 1786 posts here and comments -368 and most of those are like this one: someone comment (1) my response (1) so 2 comments. This will be the 6th comment on this page. So its not actually that great a figure when you look at the number of posts -people seeing the link on FB will comment there.
    Online comic might be interesting but I think getting that hand better is the priority!

  7. Yes, I was right. Well, of course I was. The hits are for people following links from Google+ and FB. Its so ****** obvious that I can only plead stupidity. So, yes, everyone who clicks on CBO sees your artwork. I can be so ***** dumb at times.

  8. AGAIN!!!!! two long answers "service unavailable".......YES EVERYONE clicking on to CBO sees your art and the hits are for those following links on Google+ and FB.....

  9. That could be our end, the service often 'drops out' here ( it has been doing this for the last 5 or 6 months ). I'm glad people see the material being put up - no comments is a bugger, though, as we don't know if anyone is interested or not. I'll move my focus towards a PC Comic as I'm working so slowly now. Tired. Depressed. Need less medicine in my life. Helene Fischer was nice though. Cheers.

  10. People just seem to want to read but not comment. At this rate you'd never think that old fanzines used to have letters of comment (loc)! I just can't get over the fact that even though I saw hits did not match up to the counter each day it never dawned on me what was going on. But, yes, at least all the visitors to CBO see the art. So my depressing comment in the letter you can ignore! Its age. I'm off to oggle Helene -YOU KEEP YOUR EYES OFF HER!!!!