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Friday, 11 July 2014


Yeah and, like Wolverine really dies forever and will never come back.

Gimme a break.

You want to read about bilge rumours go to (NO insult) Comic Book Resources who mention this -plus you get Brian Michael Bendis insulting hard core fans of a comic he makes his living from.  Just lucky we don't use expletives here for feckers like him.

Besides, this story is a month (?) old by now so why are people still bleating about it?

Brian Bendis has commented on the rumor of the X-Books getting cancelled. "All-New X-Men" #27 Variant by Alex Ross

Find out more: http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=53682


  1. And here I thought that Marvel had finally admitted they had run out of ideas.

    " Yep, we have no effing idea what to do so we cancelled all x - books. "

    Like that´s gonna happen.

  2. ahh, Well Magneto is now going to go off hunting ex Nazis so I think that the idea of an old guy in his late eighties running after and beating up guys in their eighties and nineties ought to be quite funny. Is Mel Brooks writing for Not Brand Ech now??? Seriously the whole X-Men thing died for me in the early 1990s and now Scott Summers is a war mongering mutant terrorist?? Or has that changed this week?

  3. A bit off topic - or maybe not - I'm going in to have my hand injected again. Remember what happened last time ? I hope I don't get cancelled... but according to the Marvel Universe way of thinking, it's no problem. A quick re-boot and I'll be back and running again - younger, stronger, with more hair and a new wardrobe! Excellent ! Anyway. This is me signing off for a few weeks. Get back to you ASAP. My daughter will occasionally check the comments, so when the package arrives - let me know, Ok ? Cheers. Get back to you later.

  4. Yo, Stransky. Just finished writing (yes I actually wrote this part) the most emotional part of The Green Skies story. Depressing. At least good things happened today! Take care and I'll post a message on CBO proper when I get your package, Chum! ;-)