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Monday, 23 February 2015

An Up-Date For All You Lovely Comickers!

Finally finished the art on the Dene Vernon 13pp section of The Green Skies  and that meant removing all the pencilled text/annotations.  No panic -I typed up a dialogue script to paste on the back of each page so I'll not forget.  I've been doing this for a while you know!

But it did get me to thinking.  Firstly, current art pages are well over 300 in number.  So The Green Skies will probably have 100+ more pages than the 365 or so pages of Return Of The Gods.  This is, after all, for all intents and purposes the last major comic work I'll be doing so I'm making it count.

The other thought I had was, if the Dene Vernon section of 13 pages had 10 pages of typed dialogue what size would the script be if I wrote one.  I did some calculations and I'm guessing the total number of script pages would be at least -at LEAST- 500+ which means that I have missed out on also publishing the prose novel based on the graphic novel!


I've also tried to up-date my various Yahoo groups (WHY did Yahoo have to screw them all up?) some have been going since 2003.  Many, many cover images and photographs on each -check the blog roll.

I also realised this morning that my Black Tower Comics & Books blog had not been up-dated in a few months.  So apologies if you get any cross-posts.

Tomorrow (I hope) a few more pages of The Green Skies because I have decided after a confrontation with the company board members that I want the book out by my next birthday -6th June and no doubt I'll be making excuses before then!

I'm also on Linkedin if anyone is interested.

Comics -it's a funny old business.

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