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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

CBO 31st Comic Strip: LeCorbeau, Crimson Guardian, Pete Forrest and...well, A Geni!

One of those other "lost artists" that I had so much faith in back in the early days of Black Tower was Robert Perris.

I liked his style.  It was a bit raw but showed a lot of promise.  Robert had gotten in touch as he had a strip titled Hanley's Garage.  It was a series so I published the first part.  It could be called "typical slice-of-life" but I could see the potential.

I wanted to re-present certain strips I had drawn and Robert re-drew the origin of Prentiss aka The Mummy (you have read D-Gruppe?) and I liked it and then he drew the second part of Pete Forrest & Geni and I loved it.  In fact key characters to later stories were introduced -though back in 1987 they were merely one-offs.

One is Simon LeCorbeau -a French multi-millionaire at that time and just about to become the multi-billionaire philanthropist who financed the Special Globe Guard, Task Force Europe, South Asian Task Force, Task Force Deutschland and much more.  Of course, back then he was younger and a good few pounds lighter.  A little piece of Black Tower history.

Now, the crimson Guardian.  Well, he later pops up in Krakos: Sands Of Terror though I was never asked about his inclusion.  I was drawing the book and it came to a poinbt where a villain with Egyptian connections was needed and I just drew in old CG.  In fact, I had to check WHY I had included him. Yes, he was acceptable.  I'm glad my subconscious keeps track of these things because I don't!

Though the character's origins are not gone into they will (I hope) as the last time he was seen (at the end of The Cross Earths Caper) he was confronting a much older Pete Forrest.

Robert Perris then simply vanished.  No response to letters and Hanley's never got past issue 1....I know, it gets to look worse and worse for me-artists appear. Work for me and then vanish.  I will not be defending myself in court on this matter!

But, as part of Black Tower's 31st Anniversary celebration here is that Pete Forrest & Geni story but you can see a better quality version when it appears in Black Tower Super Heroes No. 2....whenever that appears.


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