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Wednesday, 18 February 2015



  1. Having some Warhol fun, I see. What is the definitive image of the Owl ? Feather covered, not feather covered - disc on the chest - no disc .... I know there are several different Owls .. which one do you think is THE one ? Germany... strange green skies indeed. The pollen season is come early this year ( dear God ) .... and... is that really a series of twisters from a central mass ? Wow.
    Weird picture.

  2. Did this because I was very very bored and retired and I just do not have enough room to make and store MORE cardboard buildings. I did the four colour variant images poster for the Japanese tsunami (2011?) but everyone rejected it because I was not "a name" -just let's not go there. "A series of twisters"? NOT Cthulu? ahhhh. Next it'll be "You made that up for your Green Skies!" As IF??!!! I find that offensive. Would I say "filmed by a crew from 3Sat"?? The deception began a looong time ago....or maybe it just never began at all? Did you never get the Centaur Heroes book??? Centaur (Filchock's) Owl only ever had one outing and he had feathered wings -you see his father and WHY he is doing this and go "aaaaw"! I'll send you a copy of the strip though I might put an image on CBO.