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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Return of the Vlog


  1. Just watched the Vlog - took a long time ! bloody computeres, eh ?- and it was fun ! What was the music in the background ? Hints of Ska, hints of 60's jive/pop whatever... interesting and fun. In fact, good to see you again old friend ! Nice to see your face. Thanks for popping up AcroMaid. Those strips were fun, weren't they ? Well, got to hightail it - people are waiting. Students parents meeting time - good luck for me !

  2. well, I have aUSB stick wit a couple hundred songs on.Zombina and the Skeletones (sang Spring Heeled Jack), there's Mylene Farmer, Niagra, Les Rita Mitsouko and Alizee (all French), Screamin Jay Hawkins...Scott Bradley Loves Ya is a You Tube channel and he does cover versions of different modern songs but in "white socks"/bee-bop, Swing, Soul -some fantastic singers and NOT signed to record labels -Von Smith, Morgan James -I'd need to watch the video to tell you what was playing but I just CANNOT watch it (or any of my other vids!" I needed something visual so a few art pages put in. You ALWAYS advertise and promote with the best artist so it was my art or yours -sorry about that....hang was YOUR work. ****!

  3. so it was... oh, yes. You were right about Fanshawe and the Men in White - of course - sorry. But it still might be worth a PC strip about the old Men in White.......... I'll think it over...
    'Springheeled Jack' - Aha ! I thought I heard the name in the song ! Well, gotta go.It's 9.30 here (am) and I have to get read for my next student ( at 9.45 ) - take it easy.Talk to you later.