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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Scary Odd Skies In Germany!

This image was taken in Northern Germany earlier this evening by a TV crew from 3Sat.  Green Skies....and worse?

Still taken from a news video report.


  1. Wow. Is there moving video of this thing ?

  2. Wow! Further "evidence" of my favourite fringe theory:

  3. Ahh. Now yer harking back to my "other life" of 40+ years! Ivan T. Sanderson had similar thoughts on "biological flying saucers" and, of course, there was the infra red photographic work of Trevor James Constable and his "critter" images. In the 1970s and into the 1980s, when I met and chatted to him, Terry Cox from Devon (?) was carrying on Constable's work. Then you have the Emil Barnea (SORRY I'm crap on names) photographs from Cluj in Romania. Even the late, first Deputy Director of RAF Intelligence, Air Marshal Sir Victor Goddard had thoughts on this. Lord (Brinsley) Clancarty certainly did. I walked the line. Several times I was told I "walk the shadow path" by these people! Been driven over an East German minefield but that was in broad daylight. As one of my old RAF contacts declared via a sticker on his car (very daring) "UFOs Are REAL The RAF Is An Hallucination!" As for anything Green Skies related -Believe NOTHING!

  4. Oh, and your blog piece was fun to read!