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Friday, 21 November 2014

Liga giants Valencia getting sued by Batman

Apart from Rugby I'm not that keen on sport so I almost missed this in an online (Yahoo) sport section:

Here's today's selection of stuff - kicking off with a lawsuit being brought by none other than the Dark Knight himself (well, sort of).

Liga giants Valencia getting sued by Batman

Batman v Valencia
Batman v Valencia
Okay, so it's not exactly Batman himself who's been on the phone to his lawyers. And he hasn't even got Alfred to call them on his behalf.

But Batman creators DC Comics are apparently in a legal dispute with Valencia about the fact that the club has a bat as part of its logo - that's according to Spanish news website Plaza Deportiva, which reports in delighted tones that " a powerful new enemy has emerged for Valencia CF".

The US-based comic book giant has reportedly filed a complaint with the OHIC - the European Union's trademark registration body - to grumble about a new variant of Valencia's logo.

Considering that the image of a bat has been commonly used in Spanish heraldry since the 13th century, and that Valencia have used bats in their club logos since 1919 (20-odd years before Batman existed), we'd say that it'll need a lawyer with genuine superpowers if they're to prove their case.

Mind you, if DC comics call the Arsenal lawyers who made a Spanish woman change the name of her hat shop, you never know what might happen...
View gallery
The 'Arsenale' hat shop in Seville fell foul of the Gunners, depsite being named after an area of medieval Venice
The 'Arsenale' hat shop in Seville fell foul of the Gunners, depsite being named after an area of medieval Ven …

You see America -DC Comics in particular here, your country has only been around for 300 years (longer if you count ALL European explorers prior to American Independence) but the rest of the world was civilized and using animals in heraldry and much more centuries before Batman.  Even Black Tower's Bat character is founded upon medieval heraldry.

If true, then DC needs to get its ***** life in order. Marvel Man (Miracle Man) was created while there was no Marvel -it was Timely Comics.  WHY change the characters name -someone could have earned some good cash from a Marvel court case!

Silly stories, heh?

Newsletter BilBOlbul 21 novembre 2014

NEWSLETTER 21/11/2014
Siete invitati a Una sera in San Vitale, un percorso per le strade del Quartier San Vitale alla scoperta degli artisti e delle mostre di BilBOlbul 2014 e degli spazi che le ospitano (aperti per l’evento fino alle 23).

Per scoprire gli orari delle inaugurazioni, consultate qui il programma di oggi.

Quest’anno il festival propone tre tavole rotonde per riunire artisti e operatori culturali attorno a temi importanti legati all’editoria a fumetti e all’autoproduzione. Potete partecipare anche voi!

Venerdì 21 novembre presso l’Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna la discussione verterà sulla Stampa Artigianale e sulla sua riscoperta (H10-13).
Per maggiori informazioni clicca qui.

Più tardi, nella stessa sede, si affronterà l’argomento delle problematiche del Crowdfunding (H14-17):
Per maggiori informazioni clicca qui.
Domenica 23 novembre l’Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna ospiterà la tavola rotonda sul tema dell’Autoproduzione e della microeditoria (H10-13). Quest’ultima discussione si svolgerà in inglese.
Per maggiori informazioni clicca qui.

Anche quest’anno BilBOlbul sarà presente al Cinema Lumière: sabato 22 alle h14 Manuele Fior racconta quali sono stati i film che lo hanno maggiormente influenzato in I film della mia vita, mentre domenica 23 alle h18 sarà il momento giusto per godersi la performance Eccoli di Stefano Ricci. Inoltre, seguite la programmazione di "Schermi e lavagne" dedicata a bambini e ragazzi.

Se avete figli, nipoti o fratelli piccoli consultate il programma di BBB RAGAZZI e ricordatevi di andare a visitare insieme Anna e Froga, la mostra di Anouk Ricard in Cineteca.
Quest’anno il festival ha collaborato con lo sticker magazine Klebstoff per la realizzazione di un catalogo interamente realizzato ad adesivi. Lo trovate durante i giorni del festival al bookshop di Salaborsa.

Clicca qui per maggiori informazioni sulla pubblicazione.

Anche quest’anno gli artisti ospiti del festival dedicheranno le copie dei libri in Biblioteca Salaborsa.

Consultate qui orari e programma.

Non perdetevi Il Battello Brillo, performance di disegni dal vivo di Manuele Fior e Stefano Ricci su musica di Eddy Vaccaro, che si terrà venerdì 21 novembre H21.30 all'Atelier Sì di via San Vitale 69.

BilBOlbul Festival internazionale di fumetto fa parte della
Rete dei Festival del Contemporaneo di Bologna
Future Film Festival: 1 > 6 aprile 2014 - futurefilmfestival.org :: Live Arts Week: 8 > 13 aprile 2014 - liveartsweek.it :: Angelica- Festival Internazionale di musica: 2 > 31 maggio 2014 - aaa-angelica.com :: Biografilm: 6 > 16 giugno 2014 - biografilm.it :: Gender Bender: 25 ottobre > 1 novembre 2014 www.genderbender.it :: BilBOlBul: 20 > 23 novembre 2014 - bilbolbulnet

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Airfix cancels new sets

I know its not comics but there are a lot of gamers and modellers who visit CBO -and I'm interested anyway.

Bad news released by Airfix and Plastic Soldier Review gave this announcement:

ArticleIcon Airfix cancels new setsUnfortunately yesterday Airfix announced that they had cancelled all of their planned World War I figure and battle sets. Whether they will return to making figures in the future is not known, but this news will disappoint many who like us were looking forward to seeing Airfix become a strong player in the hobby once more.

On a more positive note, RedBox look to be working on a couple of early modern Ottoman Artillery sets. More details as we get them.

ALL of their World War One era sets? Sets they had a LONG time to develop and work on for the big 100th Anniversary of the war.  And there are lots of complaints from other Airfix customers and a rumour -a RUMOUR- that the company aint doing so good.

Oh well.

Just To Show....

About five minutes after I posted the Square Enix Flash figure item hits mounted and it has been the top post since yesterday evening.

What do I know!!

BcP Book Fair and Comic Expo 22nd November -THIS Weekend!!

Right, now I do not get any Press Releases on this event so I suggest you check the site link and see if anyone else has been added to the guest or exhibitor list.

Bus services 90, 24, 77, 78  and others stop on Redcliffe Hill so, as this is a Saturday only event, you shouldn't have a problem.  Sunday bus services in Bristol? Oy!

Just So You Do NOT Forget! BCP International Book Fair & Comic Expo

 Mercure Holland House Hotel & Spa, Bristol UK - 22nd November 2014



Tickets to the BCP International Book Fair & Comic Expo are £5 per person 

Exhibitor tables are £25 per table (includes 2 x guest passes)

  • To order through PayPal please email Kate at:  kate[at]backcoverpromotions.co.uk (Paypal charges are as follows: £5 per table booking and 50p per ticket booking).

  • To order through BACS, Cheque or any other method please email Judy at: judybainbridge46[at]hotmail.co.uk

**Admission to the event will be via proof of purchase receipt, purchaser must have printed copy with them to gain access**
BcP Book Fair and Comic Expo
Panel’s Programme
11.00 – 11.45: ‘Fear and uncertainty and DRM’ (changing from comics
                        to books)
      Chris Lynch
12.15 – 13.15: ‘Breaking into writing’
     Alternative Realities, Matthew Sylvester
13.45 – 14.45: ‘Up close and personal’
                         DeVaughn Lilly
15.00 – 16.00:  Poetry workshop
       Paul Tobin
16.15 – 17.15: ‘The Changing Face of Horror
      Austin Chambers, Adam Millard and Scott Stanford

Event Layout -Where To Find Black Tower

Just a quick note. I'll be at table 35 for the event.  However, having thought about it I will not be taking the Maakika A4 art pieces not the postcard sets to sell.

The reason for this is simply that I do not think that anyone is going to be interested at a book and comic expo.  I don't want to cart a lot of excess items to sell.  No one has shown any interest in buying pieces any way (even though I've received more praise for them than my comic work grrrrrrrrrrrr).

But if you were going to the event to buy pieces then please let me know and I'll take a full set of art and postcards.

To be honest it's going to be hard work selling enough to cover costs at a one day event so I'm gonna hunker down behind a table!!

I should -I have no 100% confirmation yet- be assisted by Darron Northall so if the person behind the table doesn't have a beard and screams at you it's not me!

BcP Book Fair and Comic Expo Floor Plan
Special arrangements
Tony Long – The Comic Man
Austin Chambers - author
Panel 5
Adam Millard - author
Scott Stanford - author
Sophie Sparham - author
Ashley McCook - author
Hannah Collins – Cosmic Anvil
Paul Grist - author
Christine Mcmorran – Paint Can Alley
Simon Williams –artist
Artist in residence
Dave and Wendy Frankcom – Into The Realm
Chris Lynch – graphic novels and indie books
Panel 1
Grayham Puttock – small press writer
Ian Schofield - artist
Tim Perkins – Wizard’s Keep
Graham Bleathman
Simon Brett –artist and poublisher
Jennifer Anne Haugan - illustrator
Chloe Hammond - author
Nigel Mably – SF Collectables
Steve Tanner – Time Bomb comics
Victoria Sommer - artist
Nick Gribbon - illustrator
Kris Carter – Lou Scannon books
“ -  The Pencil Pirates
Vince Hunt and Daniel Marc Chant - authors
Terry Hooper-Scharf – Black Tower comics
Joanne Hall – author
Rianne Rowlands - illustrator
Michael Clipper – Sloth Junk recyclables
Jamie Lambert – Bearded Skull comics
James Dean – graphic artist
Caroline Loughrey –My Geeky Shop
Ian Matthews – Razarhawk comics
Dave Morris – graphic artist and Paul Tobin - poet
Panel 4
Matthew Sylvester – Alternative Realities and One Dotty Duck
Panel 2
Mark Warner – Hellbound Media
“ – Great Escape Books
(5 guests)
Rob Fish – Rob4Fish comics
“ – Rob4Fish merchandise
Tony Cooper - author
DeVaughn Lilly - author
Panel 3
Reception desk
In Birch for panels

  The Collected Phantom Detective  

Black Tower Will have a modest selection of books at the event including

Dr Morg   

Silvermaign:Knight Ghoul Hunter  


The Collected Ben Dilworth   

The Dark Night Detectives  

The Dark Night Detectives

Return Of The Gods   

  The Return Of The Gods:Twilight of the Super Heroes
                                                                                         Merriwether -God's Demon Thumper
The Cross Earths Caper


Tower Tales Of Terror


Tales Of Terror 4

The Iron Warrior Vs Big Bong

The Iron Warrior Vs Big Bong
 Other goodies including Ben Dilworth's hot Dark Hope comics!

And -and- going for £1.00 each are Black Tower Blockbuster! -Bristol Events only tasters to the Black Tower Universe!