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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Feck! Feck! Feck! Feck!

It's vampires you MUST NOT invite into your home NOT policemen!!!!!

Exclusive: Di$ney Grabs Marvels Infinity Gauntlet Of Greed....or do they?

I'm sorry but do comic readers really want ANOTHER Marvel "Major Event" in 2015? Do all these "major events" all tie-in (possibly)?  Do we really want more of Hickman's messy stories?

I really am glad I'm out of this because if no one else can see how this is all movie related as well as a cynical attempt to scrape every penny they can out of fans then I must be a feckin genius.

Comicbook.com published this.  It is a teaser cover art (?) for Infinity Gauntlet in Summer of 2015. Something they have been dropping 'teasers' about for a while.  To quote comicbook.com:

"The teaser image, created by Infinity artist Dustin Weaver, is interesting because it shows Thanos with the Gauntlet, but with only the Reality and Mind Gems attached, leaving the Soul, Time, Space, and Power gems unaccounted for.

"The teaser also suggests that Star-Lord will be involved in the event, as well as several, possibly even a family, of Nova Corpsmen."

Oh, and they add:

"The Infinity Gauntlet teaser is the seventh such teaser, following Civil WarAge of Ultron vs. Marvel ZombiesYears of Future PastPlanet Hulk, Armor Wars and House of M. There was also the Secret Wars announcement from New York Comic Con, revealing the mega-event, written by Jonathan Hickman and debuting in May of 2015."

sigh.  Once I might have cared.

Newsletter BilBOlbul 21 Ottobre 2014


NEWSLETTER 21/10/2014
Giovedì 20 novembre, BilBOlbul si apre quest'anno con una giornata di studio, presso gli spazi del MAMbo - Museo d'Arte moderna di Bologna (Via Don Giovanni Minzoni, 14, Bologna), con l'obiettivo di disegnare una mappa della pubblicazione di fumetti italiana e porre con chiarezza le domande più urgenti.
Partendo dal racconto delle diverse esperienze, abbiamo invitato numerose personalità del settore a confrontarsi su temi quali i ruoli di editori ed autori nell'attuale industria editoriale, o i margini di sviluppo per fenomeni quali autoproduzione ed editoria di progetto.
Per guardare al presente senza paraocchi, ma anche per individuare le tracce di nuovi modelli dell'editoria futura.

Ogni anno BilBOlbul seleziona e propone una serie di appuntamenti ed esposizioni per promuovere il lavoro di nuove realtà emergenti nel campo del fumetto e dell'illustrazione, con una serie di mostre ed incontri che si terranno nella settimana precedente alle giornate ufficiali del festival.

Visita il sito di BilBOlbul 2014 per conoscere le date e scoprire gli artisti e i progetti coinvolti.
Sono aperte le iscrizioni a "Crocevia per l'interno", workshop di Paolo Bacilieri, quinto e ultimo dei laboratori promossi nel contesto di BilBOlbul 2014, in collaborazione con Ateler Sì.

Il workshop, della durata di due giorni, si terrà mercoledì 19 e giovedì 20 novembre h10-13/14-17, presso gli spazi di Atelier Sì (via San Vitale 67, Bologna).

Le richieste di iscrizione dovranno pervenire entro lunedì 3 novembre.
Dal 30 ottobre al 2 novembre, veniteci a trovare a Lucca Comics & Games 2014 presso lo stand E123 del padiglione di Piazza Napoleone, dove troverete le nostre cartoline e i programmi di BilBOlbul 2014 freschi di stampa.

Per festeggiare l'ottava edizione, durante Lucca Comics and Games inviteremo al banchetto Bilbolbul gli autori amici del festival a stringere mani, dedicare copie dei loro libri e brindare alla nuova edizione!
Una mostra speciale che unisce due festival.
Gender Bender, insieme a BilBolBul, presenta gli schizzi, i disegni e le illustrazioni che Luca Di Sciullo, Viola Niccolai, Lisa Passaniti e Cristina Portolano hanno realizzato per il progetto europeo Performing Gender.
In mostra anche le foto di Elisa D'Errico e i video ad opera di Enrico Galli e Fabio Fiandrini realizzati a ottobre 2013 per documentare l'intensa settimana di ricerca legata al progetto, che investiga attraverso la danza contemporanea le differenze di genere e orientamento sessuale.

Inaugurazione mercoledì 29 ottobre h18.30.
BilBOlbul Festival internazionale di fumetto fa parte della
Rete dei Festival del Contemporaneo di Bologna
Future Film Festival: 1 > 6 aprile 2014 - futurefilmfestival.org :: Live Arts Week: 8 > 13 aprile 2014 - liveartsweek.it :: Angelica- Festival Internazionale di musica: 2 > 31 maggio 2014 - aaa-angelica.com :: Biografilm: 6 > 16 giugno 2014 - biografilm.it :: Gender Bender: 25 ottobre > 1 novembre 2014 www.genderbender.it :: BilBOlBul: 20 > 23 novembre 2014 - bilbolbulnet

DC Movies: $5m fine for Batman extra who leaked female Robin -like ****!

I lied.

I just can't help it.

I'm guessing this is all just blow hard publicity since various sources -including journalists- saw the actress with Snyder and on the film set so the idea that an extra is going to shoulder all the blame is pretty dumb-ass and what extra earns $5 million?

If anything, any such extra deserves $5 million from the studio for revitalising what was in all honesty a corpse of a movie publicity or news wise.  Gadot is Wonder Woman.  Affleck is Batman.  Cavell is Superman. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

NOW fans are talking and raking up the excitement that DC seems to find impossible to do by themselves. Marvel never have this problem with their movies.  Give the extra a pay-rise!

Holy smokes! Possible $5m fine for Batman extra who leaked female Robin

Jena Malone said to be playing Carrie Kelley in Superman v Batman, Zack Snyder’s followup to Man of Steel – information that could cost extra who broke non-disclosure agreement dear

Jena Malone attends at the Time Out of Mind premiere in New York in October.
Jena Malone attends at the Time Out of Mind premiere in New York in October. Photograph: Henry Lamb/Photowire/BEImage/REX/Henry Lamb/Photowire/BEImage/REX

Ben Affleck’s Batman will be teaming up with a female Robin for his debut as the caped crusader in Warner Bros’ Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, according to an anonymous extra on the forthcoming superhero epic.

Jena Malone, who recently made an appearance in the Hunger Games fantasy saga as the tempestuous Johanna Mason, is reputedly in line to play Carrie Kelley. The character was introduced in Frank Miller’s seminal 1986 graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns, and has been called the first full-time female version of Batman’s best-known sidekick in the DC Comics title.

The news broke through the WILX-10 News station in Michigan, where Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has been filming at the Michigan State University. The extra told reporter Kirk Montgomery: “I’ve also learned that the character of Robin is now female.” Meanwhile, Malone has been spotted on set and at recent film premieres sporting Kelley’s trademark red crop.

Studio Warner Bros has not yet made any public comment on the rumour. However, several US sites are reporting that the extra in question now faces a possible $5m fine for breaking a non-disclosure agreement.
Batman v Superman, the followup to Zack Snyder’s 2013 superhero epic Man of Steel, will feature Affleck taking on Henry Cavill’s Superman. The film already looks set to be a crowded affair, with a debut for Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman and potential bows for Jason Momoa’s Aquaman and Ray Fisher’s Cyborg.

Snyder is said to be riffing heavily on The Dark Knight Returns, which sees an older, jaded Batman coming into conflict with Superman after the latter is called in to take down an increasingly out-of-control dark knight. Kelley is a 13-year-old schoolgirl in the comics, somewhat younger than the 29-year-old Malone.
While the introduction of a new movie Robin would usually prove controversial with fans, the cache of Miller’s classic graphic novel could yet make the character’s big screen debut a popular move. Dawn of Justice is due in cinemas for March 2016.

Guess What? Ultimate List Of Every Superhero Movie Release Date From 2015-2020

What I'm hoping will be the final posting for a while on DC/Marvel movies (I hear rumours but who cares?). I think this piece by Tom Butler, though nothing new, does encapsulate the entire release dates shindig -and nice visuals.

Warner Bros. officially announced a load of new movies based on DC Comics including two Justice League films, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, and even another outing for Green Lantern. Heck, even Ben Affleck’s Batman and Henry Cavill’s Superman are getting new solo outings too.

Add this to Marvel’s upcoming Avengers slate, Sony’s Spider-Man-related films, and Fox’s X-Men and Fantastic Four pictures, and you’ve a super-sized selection of comic book movies coming your way.
If, like us, you’re struggling to keep up with all the superhero films coming out soon, here’s all the release dates in one handy place...
Ultimate List Of Every Superhero Movie Release Date From 2015-2020
It’s worth noting that these are subject to change and we’ve gone for UK release dates (we get ‘Avengers 2’ early, yay!) where we know them, the rest are the US release dates.

DRAGON CON 2014 - PART 2 (Epic Cosplay Party)

DRAGON CON 2014 - PART 1 (Epic Cosplay Party)

I'm sorry but 1m 16s in...WHAT character costume is this????

Hey -Who's The Most Successful Avenger Outside Of Marvel Movies?

I try to avoid all the "How-much-did-they-make" nonsense because, as long as you make a living and have financial security for yourself and your family (don't get into comics if that's what you are looking for) that's it. No one elses business really.

But Ali Gray at Yahoo! Movies came up with a piece that I'm sure will interest all you Marvel movie buffs -and start many an arguement!

Who's The Most Successful Avenger Outside Of Marvel Movies?

Combined, they’re the most powerful superhero ensemble the world has ever seen: super-strong, super-fast, super-smart and damn near unbeatable. But split apart The Avengers and what becomes of their component parts when they’re not on duty? With Robert Downey Jr making an increasingly rare non-Iron Man appearance this week in legal thriller ‘The Judge’, we decided to see which Avenger was the most successful at the box-office outside of the Marvel canon (i.e. ‘Iron Man’ onwards). The champ might surprise you…

#7. Chris Evans
Non-Marvel box-office takings since 2008: £98 million
Who's The Most Successful Avenger Outside Of Marvel Movies?
It’s perhaps no surprise that Chris Evans has the least pull at the box-office outside of the Avengers: Evans has said many times he plans to move into directing once his Marvel contract is up, and with no sign of those superhero paycheques stopping any time soon, he doesn’t need to work if he doesn’t want to. With both of his ‘Fantastic 4’ movies pre-dating the current Marvel universe, Evans’ biggest hit post-‘Iron Man’ was his least known superhero outing, ‘Push’, which made £29 million worldwide. Perhaps if the Weinsteins had actually bothered to release heavily-buzzed sci-fi ‘Snowpiercer’ properly instead of indefinitely shelving it, he’d have made a better showing in this rich list.

#6. Mark Ruffalo
Non-Marvel box-office takings since 2008: £499 million
The third actor to play Marvel’s Hulk in ten years, Ruffalo brought credibility to the role of Bruce Banner in ‘Avengers Assemble’, and it looks like he’ll bring some stability to it too. Since 2008, Ruffalo’s indie cred has been bolstered by several high-profile roles, including the co-lead in Martin Scorsese’s ‘Shutter Island’ and a role in another ensemble, ‘Now You See Me’, the sleeper hit which netted a quite frankly unbelievable £217 million at the box-office. Ruffalo’s smaller roles don’t fare too badly either: recent romcom ‘Begin Again’ opposite Keira Knightley was no HULK SMASH but it did make a respectable £34 million.

#5. Scarlett Johansson
Non-Marvel box-office takings since 2008: £609 million
Johansson is a box-office behemoth: she’s graduated from surly-looking, croaky-voiced teen in the likes of ‘Ghost World’ to an all-conquering, audience-slaying A-lister – she lit up cinemas as the lead of Luc Besson’s action/sci-fi ‘Lucy’ and it’s closing in on a £248 million take worldwide. That could be the Marvel effect in action (they pay low wages but bump up their cast’s star factor considerably) but don’t sell Scarlett short: ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’, ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’, ‘We Bought A Zoo’, ‘Don Jon’ and ‘Chef’ were all decent-sized hits. Frankly Johansson’s work-rate puts some of the male Avengers to shame.

#4. Chris Hemsworth
Non-Marvel box-office takings since 2008: £647 million
When he’s not swinging the hammer of Thor, Hemsworth has picked his non-Asgardian projects well, working with directors like Ron Howard and Joss Whedon (with Michael Mann and Steven Spielberg still on the slate). If you count his brief role in JJ Abrams’ ‘Star Trek’ reboot – and we do, because he’s brilliant as Kirk’s dad even with just a few minutes of screen time – then Hemsworth’s non-MCU CV tops a billion in revenue. His biggest hit was ‘Snow White And The Huntsman’ and Hemsworth’s pull is now so great, the forthcoming prequel will ditch Snow White and be all about him instead.

#3. Samuel L Jackson
Non-Marvel box-office takings since 2008: £737 million

Yes, we know Nick Fury isn’t technically an Avenger – spare me the structural hierarchy of S.H.I.E.L.D. and all associated subsidiaries – but Jackson’s contribution to the Marvel universe cannot be overstated, so he makes the list. Jackson’s approach to work seems to be quantity AND quality – he’s never not working, but he mixes box-office hits like ‘RoboCop’ (£150 million) and ‘The Other Guys’ (£105 million) with all manner of straight-to-video schlock. Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Django Unchained’ contributes almost half of his post-Nick Fury career takings, but it’s worth remembering that Samuel L Jackson is technically the most successful actor of all time, with no less than £2.5 billion to his name (thanks to ‘Jurassic Park’, ‘Pulp Fiction’, ‘The Incredibles’ and something called ‘Star Wars’). 

#2. Robert Downey Jr.
Non-Marvel box-office takings since 2008: £935 million

Shock horror! He’s the highest paid actor in the world and one of the most high profile names in the business, but Robert Downey Jr is not the most successful Avenger when it comes to extra-curricular activity. To be fair, five of his last 11 films have been Marvel movies, and not only did Tony Stark kick off the MCU with the phenomenally successful ‘Iron Man’, he scored its biggest hit to date with ‘Iron Man 3’ (£745 million). Downey has still worked wonders elsewhere, however, with two ‘Sherlock Holmes’ movies racking up over a billion at the box-office, and even lesser comedies like ‘Due Date’ scoring big (£131 million). Still, Tony Stark will have to stand aside for the true big winner of The Avengers…

#1. Jeremy Renner
Non-Marvel box-office takings since 2008: £1.03 billion

Hawkeye? Seriously? I mean, who saw this coming? Often thought of as the forgotten Avenger – “Where’s your standalone movie, Clint?” tease his super-friends – Jeremy Renner has nonetheless forged a crazy successful career almost out of nowhere. The secret to Renner’s success is not billion-dollar blockbusters but several different medium-sized franchises: with ‘Mission: Impossible’, ‘Bourne’ and even ‘Hansel & Gretel’ all on the go, those millions keep coming (and further sequels to all three movies are lined up). Even his dramatic roles register at the box-office, with ‘American Hustle’ profiting from David O Russell’s awards season sheen and ‘The Hurt Locker’ benefiting from Renner’s Best Actor Oscar nomination – he’s the only man on this list to receive one since MCU ground zero.

Dr Who: BAFTA Cymru, BBC Cymru Wales and Film Hub Wales announce special Doctor Who events

Bfi Scifi Logo

20 October 14

An exciting series of events which will offer new access to the Doctor Who series, featuring episodes from episodes that have been filmed in Wales throughout its 50 year history.

The programme of six events, devised and coordinated by Film Hub Wales and BAFTA Cymru, and hosted in partnership with BBC Cymru Wales and 6 key venues around the country, will offer fans of the series a chance to see monsters from key episodes of the cult classic on the big screen and hear from the creative team working on the series.

The events will be held between November 2014 and January 2015 and will be part of Sci-Fi: Days of Fear and Wonder, the BFI’s landmark season dedicated to cinema’s most spectacular genre, presented together with 02. Tickets will be available to BAFTA members and the general public.

Hannah Raybould, BAFTA Cymru Director, said: “BAFTA Cymru exists to celebrate excellence in production in the moving art form and this new partnership with BBC Wales and venues around Wales – made possible by the funding received from Film Hub Wales, will allow us to offer new access to the amazing talent working on the Doctor Who series in Wales.”

“We are particularly pleased to be working with new venue partners – from Scala Cinema and Arts Centre in Prestatyn, Theatr Harlech in Gwynedd, Savoy Theatre in Monmouth and Y Ffwrnes in Llanelli, which expand the breadth of our offer, and add to our existing fruitful partnerships with the Film Hub lead organisation Chapter in Cardiff and Aberystwyth Arts Centre.”

The first event in the series, to be held in partnership with Chapter pop up cinema on 4 November at the landmark National Museum of Wales in Cardiff, will be a preview of Death in Heaven, the current season finale, which will be screened ahead of its broadcast on BBC One and will be attended by cast and crew.
The wider programme of events includes The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe at Ffwrnes in Llanelli on 1 December ; The Sontaran Stratagem / The Poison Sky at Scala Cinema and Arts Centre, Prestatyn on 12 December; The Unquiet Dead at the Savoy, in Monmouth on 12 January; ending with The Five Doctors on 27 January at Aberystwyth Arts Centre. An additional double bill screening of Mask of Mandragora and The Prisoner will be confirmed to take place in January at Theatr Harlech.

The events will each have a specific theme, focusing on one creative department within the Doctor Who production team.

“We are delighted to offer this unique opportunity to Film Hub Wales member venues, including our Film Hub Lead organisation Chapter, as part of our exciting BFI Sci-Fi programme. We couldn’t imagine a Wales-wide Sci-Fi season that didn’t explore our cultural connections to Doctor Who and are thrilled to work with BBC Cymru Wales and BAFTA Cymru to bring these events to life,” said Hana Lewis, Strategic Hub Manager, Film Hub Wales.

“We have a rich and diverse range of exhibitors developing audiences for film across Wales but many are divided by rural landscapes, limited capacity and lack of funding. Film Hub Wales exists to support a more sustainable independent film sector, bringing more film, to more people, in more places. We anticipate that special screenings of this cult classic can bring audiences together to experience the wondrous world of Doctor Who on the big screen.”

Tickets for these special events will cost £12 and £8 (concessions) and are available exclusively from the venue websites here:
Doctor Who: Death in Heaven
Tuesday 4th November 7pm
Reardon Smith Theatre, Cardiff
029 2030 4400

Doctor Who: The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe
Monday 1st December at 7pm
Theatr Ffwrnes, Llanelli
0845 2263510

Doctor Who: The Sontaran; Stratagem & The Poison Sky
Tuesday 16th December 7pm
Scala Cinema and Arts Centre, Denbighshire
01745 850197

Doctor Who: The Unquiet Dead
Monday 12th January 7pm
Monmouth Savoy Theatre, Monmouth
01600 772467

Doctor Who: Doctor Who Masque of Mandragora & The Prisoner
Saturday 17th January at 7pm
Theatr Harlech, Snowdonia
01766 780667

Doctor Who: The Five Doctors
Tuesday 27th January at 7pm
Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Aberystwyth
01970 623232

For further information, please contact:
Fiona Lynch, BAFTA Cymru
T 02920 223898
E fional@bafta.org


Monday, 20 October 2014

Of Meadow Muffins, Shamrocks And Arabian Knight. What I'm Reading Right Now!!

Oh dear Gods of Light and Darkness!

Anyone out there old enough to remember the gods awful -and I mean AWFUL- Web of Spider-Man Vol 1 #22, January, 1987?

I can recall buying it along with all my other Marvel comics and reading through it.  I read it again.  I read it again.  Was someone on fecking drugs???

The synopsis from Marvel.wikia:


"As Joy and Pete are driving into Belfast, all they can see is devastation. Pete's spider-sense warns him of danger and he brakes hard across Joy in the car while a petrol bomb flies across their path. Terrorists with guns show up but are eventually fought off my the military police and Pete and Joy manage to drive their way into the middle of the city. Welcome to Northern Ireland, I guess.

Joy is still on the trail of Roxxon and takes Pete off to their HQ. They are also on the looking for the mysterious 'black hoods' gang who the military police warned them about. After stumbling across a fire in a block of flats, Pete and Joy meet a guy called Liam, whose flat it was. He says he's running from the Black Hoods. Liam says the Hoods killed his brother and are now after him.

He takes them to a pub and introduces them as American reporters. One of the patrons tells them that the Hoods have been causing trouble in the area but no-one knows why. Joy thinks Roxxon is involved because the Hoods don't seem like 'traditional' terrorists. As they leave, a gang with rifles surround them - looks like they've been talking a bit too loudly in the pub.

The gang blindfold them and take them to the Roxxon building where they are met by a chap called Ian Forbes. Forbes tells them that the Pentagon terminated a defence contract with Roxxon and so they decided to try and sell their weapons to the British government to use in Ireland. He demonstrates the use of a tank (that has a tendency to overheat) to them. He then introduces 003 - a British secret serviceman.

His plan is to cause unrest through the Black Hoods in Ireland, then some 'well-placed' politicians in London will call for greater force to be used and so Roxxon come in and sell their weapons. As they are locked up, Liam shows up. Pete and Joy want to get more evidence against Roxxon, so split up as they escape. Pete does a quick change to Spidey and does some arse- whupping. He finds out Forbes and 003 are escaping via helicopter on the roof.

On the roof, Liam and Joy have been recaptured. Spidey saves them and manages to get a tracer on the helicopter. Liam shoots one of the gang who is threatening them but finds out it is his brother, called Rory. The last thing we see is the helicopter exploding while a shadowy figure in a Roxxon building says Forbes had been too careless. "

In a post World War 2 like landscape with British troops in -German style?- half-track vehicles and US uniforms the American reader is introduced to Northern Ireland.  The Northern Ireland that exists in the mind of some dope-arsed American writer who, I assume, had never been to Northern Ireland?  It was from this book that the famous Irish swear word came.  What vocal obscenity?  Oh -"meadow muffins!"  I am NOT kidding.   Us Brits discussed this long and hard over peals of laughter at the junk we were reading/seeing.  We could only assume that "meadow muffins" were cow pats?


But it seems that American writers also preferred to see "British occupied Northern Ireland" in some drug orientated way....maybe to ease their consciences I dunno -a lot of weapons were purchased by the IRA with American money so...?

And now I have just read something re-published by Marvel in 2012: Avengers: The Contest but back in the 1980s there was no big movie to spin reprints off of so any comic reader would know this as a compilation of the first Marvel Super Hero Contest Of Champions.

And all those absolutely stupid things that went to show WHY American writers -or Di$ney which has bastardised the folklore and history of many nations for a $-  should stick to just writing American characters.

Well, what I noticed is the cover art. Straight away -Sub-Mariner has a huge, over-sized leg coming out of his hip/side. Proportions and perspective are weird -the characters (including Daredevil who is also deformed- are all odd sizes. Bill Mantlo I shall always remember for Micronauts...I do not think it was as badly written as this. 

The dialogue was so bad I kept thinking "is this meant for 6-9 year olds?" I mean: "I'm Sabra of Israel! Like the spiny pear that is the symbol of the Israeli people from which I derive my name...I am harsh to my enemies...yet sweet to my friends!" All she had to say is "I am Sabra of Israel!" that was just long winded, VERY badly written crap. 

And then we have: "I am Blitzkrieg, of West Germany...Lord of the lightning strike!" So, "Lightning Lord" translates as "Blitzkrieg" does it? I really, really am very disappointed by the dialogue. 

The gathering of vanished heroes who all meet up at a mysterious location (hmmm. I wonder whether I've ever used that? hmm) is quite a common plot theme but if I ever wrote dialogue like this I would ask a friend (if I had any) to break my fingers. 

It just makes Bill Mantlo seem to be a very poor writer. But, then, this wasn't the best 'Avengers' book was it? Still fun ....I'm a Gemini -waddaya expect???? El Defensor....thank gods this was before any Falkland/Malvinas war!!!

We have the Irish heroine "Shamrock" (SERIOUSLY????) and Captain Britain.

Shamrock :"You wear the emblem of Great Britain!"
Captain Britain:"And you the Green of Ireland"
Caps:"Shamrock and Captainb Britain, divided by their countries' enmity, eye each other suspiciously."

Script by Bill Mantlo.  Arse.

I remember fighting off the hordes of Irish, black hooded kamikazee waves with their shamrock flags blowing in the wind.  Obviously no idea what-so-ever of Irish national colours -"Hey -shamrocks the national emblem, right?"  I was surprised that Irelands great super hero The Leprachaun wasn't shown. **** this was bad.

But, oh, the un-PC national -racist- stereotyping didn't stop there.  There is an Arabic hero called...I feel soooo dirty writing this...."Arabian Knight" -I have no idea who "Defensor" is/was and the bald-headed "Talisman" of Australia...yes, this book is really making me feel dirty.

Don't get me wrong.  I simply switch of my higher brain functions to read this stuff.  Not sure if it was meant to tie in with toys or not but, oy!

It's good fun but even in the no-computers-to-do-research-by, there is no excuse for some of the stereotyping unless it was "just write it and get the pay cheque!"

I'm sure they could have included Captain Lesbos -hero of the island state of Lesbos?  

I have to say, with all of this, yes, it was enjoyable.

And, yes, I do realise they shoved two Avengers Annuals in here to make it an "Avengers" title.

Oh no....I just found this.  Hilarious -I think a bit of pee just came out!

You can read about Arabian Knight -created BY Bill Mantlo so no excuses!- here:

Yes, I have some odd comics in my collection and this is going to join them. Why? Because I am one meadow muffin farmer is why!

ohhh, why am I such a comics slut?