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Friday, 27 February 2015

Mysterious Bright Spots Shine on Dwarf Planet Ceres -More Nuclear Attacks In Space?

Two interesting news reports.
An image of Ceres taken by NASA's Dawn spacecraft shows that the brightest spot on the dwarf planet has a dimmer companion.
An image of Ceres taken by NASA's Dawn spacecraft shows that the brightest spot on the dwarf planet has a dimmer companion.
 Mike Balls, AV Chronicle  26 February, 2015

In light of the reported dark green skies over Canada and Russia recently and the growing conspiracy theories not to mention the increasing number of UFO sightings and mystery drones spotted over France since last October this latest news has fuelled more peculation.

Professor Peter Sidebotham from the European Space Agency Deep Space Project told a recent news conference in Lucerne: "There can be little doubt that there have been recent nuclear explosions on the surface of Mars"  and at a hurried meeting of the Deep Space Project, Sidebotham told a reporter for CNN: "I think we have visitors to our solar system and they are not friendly"  (CNN News 23 January, 2015.

There is now a statement from Professor John Chance of the Lucerne Deep Observation Agency that similar explosions have been seen on other planetary bodies in the solar system including Ceres and that these explosions are clearly seen on NASA photographs. 

Both NASA and the European Space Agency have denied observing large artificial objects moving near to Mars.   Asked about the claims of the two scientists both agencies released replies worded exactly the same: "We cannot comment at this moment."

__________________________________ and  ____________________________________

NASA's Dawn spacecraft will have plenty of mysteries to investigate when it begins orbiting the dwarf planet Ceres next month, as the probe's latest photos attest.

Dawn's most recent images of Ceres, taken Feb. 12 at a distance of 52,000 miles (83,000 kilometers) away, show an abundance of craters on the dwarf planet, as well as numerous bright spots that have scientists baffled.

"As we slowly approach the stage, our eyes transfixed on Ceres and her planetary dance, we find she has beguiled us but left us none the wiser," Dawn principal investigator Chris Russell of UCLA said in a statement. "We expected to be surprised; we did not expect to be this puzzled."

The new photos, which have a resolution of 4.9 miles (7.8 km) per pixel, are the sharpest ever taken of Ceres, NASA officials said.

A large, flickering white spot was also visible in photos Dawn took of Ceres last month.

"We can confirm that it is something on Ceres that reflects more sunlight, but what that is remains a mystery," Dawn mission director and chief engineer Marc Rayman, of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, told Space.com via email at the time

Dawn could clear up the mystery soon. The probe is scheduled to enter orbit around the 590-mile-wide (950 km) Ceres, the largest body in the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, on the night of March 5. Dawn will start studying Ceres in earnest six weeks after that; the probe is scheduled to work its way down to its first science orbit on April 23.

The $466 million Dawn mission launched in September 2007 to study the asteroid belt's two biggest denizens — the protoplanet Vesta, which is 330 miles (530 km) wide, and Ceres. Dawn orbited Vesta from July 2011 through September 2012, when it departed for Ceres.

Dawn's observations of these two planetary building blocks should help scientists better understand the solar system's early days, NASA officials said.

Dawn is scheduled to study Ceres from a variety of orbits through June 2016, when the probe's mission will come to an end.

This is a The Green Skies promotion NOT reality

Thursday, 26 February 2015

No. There Will Be No Black Tower Toy Figures!

Right. In November of last year I was contacted by a man who makes 54mm military figures for gamers.  He had quite a nice web site.

He told me that he realised even in poorer countries where there are comics you can find toys or action figures based on comic characters  I was told he had looked at UK comics -he had gone to comic shops (Forbidden Planet, Travelling Man and a couple others) but was shocked to find that unlike when he was younger there were no British comics and the staff basically told him "Dandy" and that was it.  So, he decided to go to local newsagents -they "always" had comics.  He found the Panini DC/Marvel reprints and "just loads of magazines with awful made in China cheap toys".

Then he went to Thought Bubble, the comic event.  "Three different people told me I ought to contact you" ad he checked out the online store and blogs and got in touch.

He is quite right, toy and figure wise (particularly 54mm/1/32nd) UK comics have produced nothing.  Odd really but it probably comes from (1) no one contacting a company and (2) few people -even at the companies- have a knowledge of their own action heroes

Luckily, I had some rough rear, side and front design illoes I had put together for a toy company in the 1990s (nothing happened) and I sent these to him,  A couple of the BTCG books and that was it.  I saw the basic designed figures that are made before molding.  Heard from him in December and he was going to produce an initial ten figure set of BTCGs main characters. End of January I sent him a letter.  Then an email.  Now I hear back.

His bank "business advisor" who had been all for the project decided, just before he made the expensive molds, that he could no longer support the idea of funding the project.  The man apologised and said he would have sent the master figures to me but was so angry everything was dumped.  It seems he is also now moving to New Zealand to set up a business unrelated to gaming/toy figures.

I was disappointed but as we say in comics "It is not done and dusted until the cheque is cashed!" so was not heart-broken.  I thought it was interesting that the man reported: "The banks want to take your money from the business but will NOT back it!"   I've heard that so many times.

What I was **** off about was that my illoes were also thrown out.

So, any figure manufacturers out there get in touch.  I have the characters, blogs and outlets to publicise.  But not for free!

I Finally Got Him!

I Wish!!!

And I need to thank Subzero -ace German blogger- for helping me complete the whole run.  I think I have an idea for my next video!

Strip Magazine

We're sorry for the ongoing and frustrating delays to I really wanted to rest today.  Anyhow, I get a couple of requests a month about STRIP: The Adventure Comics Magazine and just why I have no idea.  Wasn't involved.  Wasn't asked to be involved.  Request for a review copy (after each of the Press Releases I got from them) never got a response


Anyway, from what I can find out there were three issues? That's it.  No idea what happened.  No one tells me these things!

The other question is usually about Clint magazine and, no, same applies as per Strip but at I wrong in saying it has ceased publishing?

This is UK comics for you.  Try as you might no one wants to tell you anything.

So, no, I have no idea about either publication -send THEM an email and see if they reply!

In 1925 They Were Mankinds Last Great Hope....WTF Happened??

Welcome Brazil!

Return of the Vlog

A Little Bit Of Eye Rest

After the last week of drawing, writing, up-grading and posting to all the blogs my eyes are frr-azzled.

So I may take today off.

But, please check out my other blogs -with art!- that you can find on the Blog Roll to the right.  I'm sure you'll find something fun there and with Google cutting Independent music from You Tube enjoy Independent comics news online while you can!


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