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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Jennifer Rostock - K.B.A.G. (Official Video)

Henry Cavill & Amy Adams takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in his Super...

I Am Absolutely TIRED Of Comics

Seriously. Do NOT **** me off.

Ahh, The Moore Question

Some months back I posted a remark on a You tube video in which Alan Moore talked completely inaccurate bollocks about that 'great thief" of creators ideas Stan Lee.

Everyone KNOWS Lee has an awful memory -its almost as legendary as his name. I have seen a couple interviews in which he says "My memory is awful: if you want to say I created the character go ahead -I don't know!"  There was an amusing Alter Ego interview with Lee in which Roy Thomas asked Lee questions but had to answer them himself because Lee just couldn't remember.

Lee has also put into writing that Ditko is co-creator of Spider-Man. That is correct.

Now, unless you read one of those badly researched or pure out to malign Lee articles then you would know the facts. In fact, even in critical articles/books Lee comes out as having always stuck by his guns and not being the villain (seriously, Lee was not the boss of Marvel).

Anyway, months after posting my comments some screeching little tit has come along to challenge me on poor or no research.  Oh my words did he pick on the wrong person to accuse of that!

Anyway, I re-iterated my comment. I also stated that I did not think You Tube comments was a place to discuss this topic (it just is not).  I invited this person to identify him/herself rather than use a silly pseudonym -that is plain cowardly if you are going to call names.

As it happens he/she has not identified themselves nor provided reference/proof of their assertion -other than Moore's diatribe.

Just checked...no. No response. I win.

For the record: challenge me on a comment anywhere AT THE TIME and not months later.  However, only do so if you are willing to actually identify yourself. I will not waste my time debating with an anonymous weasel.  I'm open -you should be.

The Bizarre State of Copyright

Monday, 25 August 2014

More Value Than Any Other Blog....

Okay, folks. I've been posting my bum off this weekend so it's now Monday, 2th August and 19:43 hrs. I'm tired. Fed up. Go read.

AniMangaPop! Up-Date!



 For Visitor, cosplay and Exhibitor info check out the link below:


Special Guests

The team here at aniManga POP! Love to bring you some of the most exciting & interesting guests to our show. Below are some of the guests you will be able to meet on the day!

Momoiro Otome Ensemble
Momoiro Otome Ensemble
A Meidol (Maid idol) unit! they also work as Maids at 'Maids of England', a maid cafe based in London, UK! They perform dance and song covers of Doujinshi, Anime, J-pop and idol songs!

Naomi Suzuki
Naomi Suzuki
Brought to the UK by Polygram records in the late 90’s and since then has embarked on projects of both critical and commercial success. Reaching number 12 in the UK singles charts. Naomi is also a reputable events host and worked with Matsutake Kabuki and NHK broadcasting amongst others.

A published novelist, model, actress, cosplayer and performer, originally from Germany, now living in the United Kingdom. She started cosplaying in 2009, taking part in in German Cosplay events. Making many appearances here in the UK at events such as MCM Expo and London Anime Con and also appeared in publications such as Neo Magazine.

Why? Why Not?

Fuschia pink helmets -those Nazis were sooooo gay! But then, I could comment on the fact that Sub-Mariner had orange hair.   This whole issue is brilliant.  Everett SHOULD get more praise than he has had though in Blake Bell's Fire & Water you read that Everett never thought his art was much good until the last weeks of his life.

So sad.

William (Bill/Billy) McCail 31st March,1902 –12th August 1974

     William McCail was born in West Hartlepool and his father was, unsurprisingly for that period, a shipyard worker and William initially found a job at the shipyard as well.  However, an unfortunate (or fortunate?) accident allowed him to pursue an artistic career. He went on to become a staff illustrator for D.C. Thomson in Dundee,  (publishers of The Beano and Dandy, of course) where he worked in the art department of The Courier, coincidentally, his artist brother John had worked there before him.

     McCail provided art for all types of magazines including Boys Papers such as  Rover, Adventure and Wizard also the women's story papers Red Letter, Weekly Welcome and Women’s Companion. Anyone interested in British Golden Age comics or illustrated papers will know he was the regular artist of the 'Dixon Hawke' detective stories in Sporting Post.

     Unfortunately, Thomson was a very conservative company (and still is).  You got paid a, uh, ’fair amount’ for your work and you were expected to doff your cap and humbly get back to work on the next set (comic strip).  William was guilty of “politicking” -unforgiveable back then- and so left Thomson.

   A pity certain modern day creators working for the company don't have that kind of backbone.

     In 1940, William moved to London aiming to work as a freelance artist and, together with his brother, started work with publisher Gerald Swan and this work lasted a number of years —Back From The Dead is probably his most famous work though he also produced “Headline Henderson”,”Calling All Cars”, ”Red Martin” and the pirate adventure “Old Hooky” and many others.

     Although his stories seemed to be a little what Denis Gifford termed “slap-dash”, they were well plotted and paced and William was very popular amongst the readers of Swan Comics.  At least with Swan he was told how readers appreciated his work.  Also, he had no problems with what we might call creators rights at Swan.

     Back From The Dead featured in War Comics[1940], Topical Funnies [1941] and, along with help from brother John (possibly the better artist of the two and he drew TNT Tom, Captain Comet et al) the whole story was compiled into a 52 pages long Picture Epics No.1 –along with that famous cover!

     Back in Dundee, in 1944, William set up "Livingstone Studios" which was later re-named “Strathmore Studios”.  Curiously, he specialised in drawing horses and was exhibited at the Royal Scottish Academy. 

     In 1962,William McCail retired.

Bye-Bye Face Book and my "Mad rant"

Someone has already mentioned this so, to avoid things being taken out of context by certain individuals, here is what I wrote:

"The absolute negativity in social media meant that I quit Twitter when it refused to do anything about horrific threats made towards prominent women. Never used it since. Face Book appears to be getting worse and worse and I gave it a break for a while.  Checking in today I've found very VERY nasty messages and so much negativity toward myself and others that I have decided to block the CBO auto messages to Face Book.  Also I am quitting Face Book. The internet and social media were supposed to improve our lives not create a hot spot for anonymous racist, sexist and xenophobic cowardly bastards. Goodbye."

THAT is what I wrote and nothing else. I guess the message is still there for anyone to check.