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Sunday, 29 March 2015

Mr India? The Indian Superman?

I keep hearing the comic 'experts' ("X" = The Unknown and "spurt" is a drip under pressure) mention that there was an India made Superman film in the late 1970s or early 1980s and that trying to find info on these -let alone images- has proved impossible.

So, allow me educate you. The Indian Superman was made in 1987 and has a release date of 31st December,  and starred Urmila Bhatt, Birbal, Dharmendra, Puneet Issar.  The movies credit Siegel and Shuster as creators of the character.

Before you ask, as IPC and Fleetway top management told me over and over "India doesn't recognise copyright"  -very long story but let's not go there!

Looking around I have just found ComicAttack.net which refers to the movie and here's a link: http://comicattack.net/2012/12/mmsupermanindia87/

Here are some stills from my now defunct India Comics file.

The other character that the 'experts' seem to have trouble locating information on is Mr India.  Well, there was a movie and picture comic based on that.  However, years before Tulisa Comics had a Mr India comic and I think somehow he channelled spirits (of India?).

My notes are scribbled and I can't read them all.  I do, however, have some scanned images which I offer here for your delectation and...fun!

And the movie?  In it the character seems to be an ordinary heroic man looking after break-dancing orphans.....yes....anyway, he can turn invisible.  So that does not look like a comic adapted into a movie (I've only seen a couple of scenes not the complete movie).

Mind you, the young lady on the dvd cover looks very nice...sigh. Back to drawing comics!

Comics...it's a funny old business.

Hamelin Newsletter NEWSLETTER del 29/3/2015



Torna la Bologna Children’s Book Fair, da lunedì 30 marzo a giovedì 2 aprile. Come ogni anno, Hamelin sarà al Padiglione 25, stand A3 dove troverete l’Annuario 2015 con i migliori titoli tra romanzi, albi illustrati, fumetti e saggi del 2014, il numero 38 della rivista "Hamelin" che raccoglie gli atti del convegno La sottile linea scura e tutti gli arretrati.

Clicca qui per vedere tutti gli appuntamenti di Hamelin durante la Bologna Children’s Book Fair

Mercoledì 1 aprile dalle ore 15 alle 18 in Sala Notturno
Il simposio, che rientra nella cornice del progetto europeo Transbook - Children’s Literature on the move!, riunisce vari professionisti internazionali della letteratura per ragazzi, attorno al tema Mediazione digitale e programmazione nella letteratura per l’infanzia, con interventi di Neal Hoskins, responsabile del Digital Cafè, Marlene Zöhrer, esperta di relazioni fra libro e supporti digitali, Christina Hasenau, Goethe-Institut di Roma, e Sam Arthur, managing director di Nobrow Edizioni e co-curatore dell’ELCAF festival di Londra.
Scarica qui il programma

La sede di Hamelin (via Zamboni 15, Bologna) dal 2 aprile all’8 maggio si trasforma nella casa di Steven Guarnaccia. Un viaggio sul filo delle memorie famigliari attraverso il disegno e l’installazione di una collezione di oggetti trovati e reinterpretati dalla mano dell’artista.
La mostra sarà inaugurata mercoledì 1 aprile alle ore 19.30
L’esposizione sarà anticipata dall’incontro Collezionare me stesso, martedì 31 marzo alle ore 17.30 negli spazi di CUBO, in cui l’autore statunitense racconterà la propria esperienza artistica e il percorso che ha portato alla selezione e personalizzazione degli oggetti che sono esposti in mostra.
CUBO - Centro Unipol BOlogna - Piazza Vieira de Mello 3/5.
International Board on Books for Young People è una rete internazionale di persone, che provengono da 77 paesi e promuove la cooperazione internazionale attraverso i libri per bambini, creando ovunque per l'infanzia l'opportunità di avere accesso a libri di alto livello letterario e artistico e incoraggiando la pubblicazione e la distribuzione di libri di qualità per bambini specialmente nei Paesi in via di sviluppo.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Order In Room Oblivion -NOT A Cross-over Comic!

So why have I not reviewed the new books?

(1) I just really could not be arsed to.

(2) I decided to tidy up and organise my shelves more.

A lot better.  Annuals more organised so that I can get my Sub-Mariners, Invaders and Day of Judgement (I got the title wrong in the last post!) onto one shelf -the one with the Cyberman. My volumes 2-on of The Avengers are on the shelf below. and opposite. They need organising and putting in order.

Below, a wider shot. Not a box in sight!

And the doorway shelves -top my Essentials and below Avengers volume 1 comics and collections (Marvel Masterworks).  Below that the Avengers Essentials and trades and my gorgeously lovely and wonderful Essentials Dr Strange 1-4 and some 1970s Marvel comic paperback books and B&W digests (UK).

Not seen here is the shelf below with my Marvel Graphic novel (what I'd call comic albums) series - Revenge Of The Living Monolith, Emperor Doom, Dr Strange, Killraven, etc.. Also my cover-less but treasured Steranko History of Comics and some Marvel Treasury editions.  Also all my Paul Ashley Brown zines, Jessica Bradley-Bove collection (WONDERFUL stuff!), books and zines by Vanessa Wells, Donna Barr, Roberta Gregory, Willie Hewes, et al.

Other side of he door my JLA, All Star Squadrons and other DC Showcase Presents books plus my Mighty Crusaders, The Fox and 1960s Mighty Crusaders and The Fly comics...and the black and white Vampirella collection from...Harris?

And am I tired after all of this?  Yes.  Time for a bath and then checking You Tube -there is a new Ashens video and I might watch more Knighthood and Decoy - you have never checked the Multiverse channel you really should!

Nighty-night, all!

Ps. Another mistake in that last post.  I forget I had EIGHT boxes of UK weekly comics stored in another room and four more...in another.  I am old.

Why Are My Comics Not All Bagged In Mylar?

Having watched my vlog on comics I received an email comment and the sender was surprised my comics were not all in Mylar bags.

Someone else asked me why they (comics) were not all "Mylar'd up" so......,

Above: what is left of my once great Class collection.  They WILL be archived up at some point.
Seriously, up until my mid forties I had no permanent home.  Even the one I'm in now the Council is pratting about over.  I have a few 1940s/1950s and 1960s comics in bags but there are things I have to consider
 In the corner are bagged Silver Age and Bronze ages comics. My complete run of the 1960s Sub-Mariner and I even bagged The Essential Sub-Mariner. Also The Invaders (Marvel), some Marvel Super Heroes (#1- ) and a few others I like to read through every so often such as DC Comics "Judgement Day".  See -I do bloody bag some comics!
1) I just pick up comics to read them.  I'm under no illusions they are my "retirement fund" in waiting.

2) I have comics of all size: US as well as A6, A5, Quarto (along the size of Class), A4, UK weeklies -all shapes and sizes -even the 1980s Eagle and Battle Force and 2000 AD could vary slightly in size from week to week (as I found to my cost) and in the 1970s/1980s Battle and some other comics look longer -they aren't really it's just that that are not as wide.  I think for my old weeklies I once worked out I would need SIX different bag sizes.  The Tarzan weekly/monthlies I showed, again, are thick and a little larger than regular UK weeklies  And my Russian fold-out Piccolo comics?

I did buy some "British Magazine size" bags once -just annoying.
Above: that shelf by the doorway has been re-stocked!  Ignore the gaming stuff but in the comic bags behind the tanks and lead cowboys are my volume 1 Mighty Avengers collection.  These I bag up.  Sooo many were stolen!
Denis Gifford didn't bag up all his comics!

3)  I have been put under no illusion by my family that when I snuff it anything other than my books being sold off and, if no one buys, burnt, is going to happen.  Bristol Central Library has no interest.  Personally speaking I'll be dead so....  Of course I'd like to have seen others appreciate the books but in my near 60 years (60??!!!) I have seen research friends and people I have worked with pass away and the same thing happens -as a rule most stuff gets dumped or burnt -we're talking naturalists, wildlife researchers and researchers into the odd and weird -famous ones to boot.  I shall be no exception as I cover all those categories and have huge paper files.
Above: under the doorway shelves are archive boxes containing bagged comics and after I sort the entire room out they are going to need re-boxing!

This is the hallway cupboard. Some 16 archive boxes with Marvels, DCs, Archies, some Independents and, again, some bagged but standard comic bags not Mylar and not boarded (though my silver age stuff is boarded).  There are a further....8 of these boxes in my room.

So, long-winded, but I have comics in archive boxes.  My volume 1 Mighty Avengers are bagged as are a few others but as I am the only one who cares about the huge collection...that said, my Great Nephews will be getting quite a library when they are old enough.

If I could drive and had a van (truck) I think I'd sell at events IF it were possible to get a table at any!  That or a small book stall.  I can dream.  Certainly would be no stock shortage!

Maybe I'll be cremated on a mound of comics and graphic novels in my garden -that'll get the neighbours moaning!

Friday, 27 March 2015

Hoopers Vlog 27 March, 2015: Alan Class Comics

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. -Tonight on C4 (UK)

Just so you do not forget -I did- the "mid season break" crock of crap is over.  Tonight, 20:00 hrs on Channel 4 TV (UK) Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. is back.

Odd how the series improved -possibly due to the fact that from series 1 they have been "filling in" the backdrop to the Marvel movie universe.

Oh, DC, you could learn so much!

Quick Up-Dates -Green Skies etc

Firstly a shout out to fellow blogger Subzero.  Been silent for a month after his leg operation and his brother, Enrique, tells me the old fellow is currently going through rehabilitation treatment for the leg.

Get well soon, Subzero!!

And now.....

Green aurorae, video footage of "giant UFOs near the sun", earthquakes, several asteroid close passes...these things are all mounting up to the best pre-publication publicity ever and I swear none of it has anything to do with me.  Seriously.

Early last year I did the Mayan prediction of The Many Eyed One's coming which included "a blood plague" and someone said: "Hey -Ebola!" Sorry, but despite the suggestions I am NOT going to use thousands of deaths to publicise a book!

But the green aurorae and other things I will!

Which brings me to The Green Skies book.

I sat down yesterday morning and by the end of a tiring day had completed five more pages.  You know I wrote that I had "completed the Chinese part" of the book's action?  I lied.  I added a couple more pages to cover the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong and then some pages for Singapore.

All of which means that I can now move on to the pages covering India, Africa and other nations.

I would have to guess that I have gone well past the 320 pages mark.  How big will this book eventually be?  I have no idea.  The initial storyline (typed up but no script remember) has been so altered by things happening "in the moment" while drawing that even I have no idea how it all ends (I really am not kidding).

But I did say this was going to be the third and final part of the Invasion Earth trilogy, that should have been Invasion Earth 1987, and my last major book.

Judging by the sales of Return Of The Gods: Twilight Of The Super Heroes and  The Cross Earths Caper, though, it won't be paying for my retirement!!

June deadline for publication...meh.  Who knows.

Kathatakathalaka The Many Eyed One is near. 

There is nothing you can do. 

Praying will not help. 

Kneel and accept the rapture.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Some Times someone NEEDS To Tell You....

I can't help but think lulu.com is being sarcastically rude when I check my online sales....

AQUAMAN: The Cast Of The Angler

Affordable Amazement Catalogue

Affordable Amazement Catalogue #1
Fancy Butcher Press
Also available at Gosh! store London

Well, the contributors include -Tobias Tak, Paul O’Connell, the sensationally gifted slow hand of Bristol's top cred artist Paul Ashley Brown also Tanya Meditzk, Chanic, Lord Hurk (editor)

"Rather than building a comic anthology around a theme, this one is built around imaginary products. The concept is simple: contributors were asked to choose one ad from ‘the catalogue’ and feature the product in their story. Six ads were selected for the stories in issue 1: MASONIC BUFFOON RING, ROYAL WORSHIPPING FIGURINE, FREE LIFE-DRAWING CLASS, REALISTIC TOFF MASK, WORMS KIT, ONYX ROACH REPLICA."

"New stories! More characters! Bigger speech balloons! Get yours while supplies last!"

You see, what REALLY feck's me off as a reviewer are things like having a web site and even Face Book page where there is no more detail than I've quoted above.  Doesn't tell you how to order so good luck with " Get yours while supplies last!" and the cost?  Well, "£4.00" is what I'm told but, feck, they can't even put that on the web page so I'll go by what I hear.

Tobias Tak leads off the comic and you cannot really go wrong with Tobias Tak.   The rest of the contents are basic "zine fayre" and "Scams" by "Chanic"? also caught my eye.  Apart from Tak the high point has to be Paul Ashley Brown's "Life Drawing Class" a 9 page epic -well, for PAB it is.  I think if I had to recommend this book it would be for the Tak and PAB combo but there was nothing really awful in the comic.  I just find I'm getting harder to impress.

Also, don't be surprised if people do not buy because it says "catalogue" on the cover.  Bad move.