Veteran British actor Warren Clarke died penniless, it has emerged.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Clarke, who was the star of TV shows like ‘Dalziel And Pascoe’ and recently Poldark’, left an estate of just over £13,000.

But probate records show that after paying costs, the figure was reduced to nil.

Oldham-born Clarke died in his sleep in November last year, following a short illness, aged 67.
The released records showed that he made his will four years prior to his death, and left his watches to his son, Rowan.

He had a career that spanned 50 years, including starring in movies and a wealth of TV series.

But he’d often spoken about the poor wages afforded jobbing actors, and that while he was filming the acclaimed BBC series ‘Nice Work’, his bank card was rejected.

In an interview, he said: “In those days the BBC didn’t pay you until you had done the first studio recording, so I had been working on the show for two months without any money.

“I went to the cashpoint, put my card in the machine and it spat it out.

“A few months later, I noticed that my wife wasn’t wearing her engagement ring. I asked her where it was and she explained it was being repaired.”

As well as a high-profile TV career, his final performance being in the BBC’s 'Poldark’, Clarke also starred in a host of movies.

He played Dim in Kubrick’s adaptation of 'A Clockwork Orange’, as well as roles in 'Top Secret!’, 'Anthony and Cleopatra’, 'Hawk The Slayer’, 'Ishtar’ and 'Firefox’.
Image credits: Rex Features