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THE UKs LARGEST INDEPENDENT COMICS PUBLISHER Between 1984-1994 I worked freelance as a writer/artist/editor/agent in comics as well as comics journalism for MU Press,Blue Comet Press,Fantagraphic Books,Eros Comics,Dorne,Fleetway,IPC and others in the United States,UK and Europe. During this period I also produced large numbers of single panel gag cartoons for agencies in Germany such as Boiselle-Lohmann and Baaske Agency –these going to magazines and publications around Europe. I also worked as a freelance editor in comics and publications ranging from wildlife,astronomy and science fiction magazines. From 1984 to present I've been self publishing comics as well as publications on a wide variety of subjects under the Black Tower banner. I have also produced packages of work for companies in India,Hong Kong and China. I have also been working as an industry advisor for smaller companies in countries such as India,Canada,Singapore,China,Europe and the US. hoopercomicsuk@yahoo.com

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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

So How Many......

Current views of CBO via Google+ stand at 1,116,700 add that the CBOs direct views of 1,792207 and you find that CBO has been viewed 2,908,907 times. 

And THAT is without all the internet feeds that pick up on what CBO posts or reviews.

Only hard copy reviews, remember.  So WHY send CBO books or DVDs to review?  If I have to write "Check those figures" then I need to ask you to move along!

We Enjoy Their Work But Where Are We When They Need OUR Help? Norm Breyfogle

Please read and visit the page.  If you can help please do.

NORM BREYFOGLE SUFFER STROKE and has a long road to recovery ahead with extended therapy and has no insurance. as a lengendary BATMAN ARTIST. his lifetime savings has already been dwindled down to nothing paying for for out of pocket, insurmountable medical expenses in nearly a week in I.C.U.

Norm has suffered paralysis on his left side (and is left handed). As an artist...that is devastating! Norm now needs months of extended care in a Nursing Home fscility with daily therapy that will hopefully enable him to once again, continue his skillful art and regain his mobility to be able to walk again.

Norm as touched many fans throughout his career as a professional artist and now needs all of our help. Norm has helped so many with his generosity throughout the years and has saved others lives in nearly the same situation of those in need of medical care expenses.

PLEASE Fans, Family and Friends, let's pull together now to help Norm after all he has done for all of us in the many ways he has touchd our lives. SPREAD THE WORD!

All it takes is just a $1 Donation from 200,000 of his fans, friends and family to pull him through! I am sure he may need much more to cover all the expenses...but this is a start!

Thank you all for all of your kind words and support! Norm appreciates all you do!

Monday, 26 January 2015

Take A Good Look At Room Oblivion As It Is..Or Not. meh

I am about to send Room Oblivion to maximum overdrive.  Total and utter thermonuclear devastation.  Well, I'm going to sort everything out and tidy up which means I'll lose things...last time it took me a week to find the toilet.  The toilet isn't in my room but where it always has been but I had a kind of metaphysical breakdown.

Anyway, I thought, as no one has really asked how a sad, old comic geek-cum-naturalist lives, I'd show you so, as we enter Room Oblivion to the right (this is handy for any potential suicidal burglars -I take no prisoners)....

(I need to apologise to my late Mother and Grand Mother as I have not tidied the room at all after being ill for a couple weeks and they would never have allowed me to let people see such a mess. Sorry, Mum.  Sorry, Ma!)

A shelf with some 1960s Silver Age comics, the black & white complete Vampirella collection and some Archie collections (but not all).  The two sample bottles on the wall? Cat teeth.  There, you never asked but I told you.

Now, above that shelf you will find some DC Showcase Collections, JLS/JSA trades, and All Star Squadron Showcase edition and my completed run of the 1980sAll Star Squadron.  And, yes, you can see part of a Hat Industries Rugga Rugga 1/72nd scale figures box to one side.

To the left (ignore the hanging, shrunken head as it is not real) top shelf are my Browner Knowles, some DC and Marvel paperback pocket books, comics and books by Jess Bradley, Vanessa Wells and so on. Just under that shelf are my series 1 and 2 DVDs of Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Dominic Hyde DVDs, Winnetou DVD set (THANKS to Subzero!) and that square box under them contains my 1/72nd scale fleet of Renault FT-17s (Oh, and you keep your vehicles in the garage, right?). A couple of the FT-17 boxes can be seen over the doorway.  Did I mention the series DVD set of Space 1999 Paul (Browner Knowle) Brown gave me for Christmas?

Next to the top shelf is my collection of Classical Comics books -whatever happened to them??? The company I mean as the books are there.  You see them....you DO see them?

Next couple of shelves my Marvel Essentials and trades.  You can just see the top of my UK Golden Age comics section (but I'm not going to show you them).

Bored? Let's move on them.

A nice big shot of things.  My next shelves have collected editions, trades, French, German, Russian,Belgian, Dutch books/comics and, from the left of the Cyberman/Iron Man/Hulk trio past the Mystery Machine and Superman coasters is my Cinebook The 9th Art collection -just had to "big them up" on two regional radio station interviews.  Oh, above those are my Dr Master Publications series books such as The Three Constables and Oriental Heroes.
Okaaaaay. More trades, books and I've just realised that there are shelves below all these with my comic history reference books and publications.  "Where are all your Black Tower Books, Terry?" you are not asking.  Well, in a box behind the sofa-cum-bed.  It would be just plain showing off to photograph them!

You are also beginning to see my UK comic annual collection (just past Witchy).
Because you never demanded it -some of the annuals plus Silver Age complete run of The Sub-Mariner, Fantasy Masterpieces, The Invaders (Marvel), Avengers-Invaders trade and others. Ignore that bit to the right we'll be getting there soon enough!

Did I not just say we would get here?  Ignore the models-in-progress  Gods of Light and Darkness this is messy.  Behinbd Ollie (the Owl) some military history reference books.  The next two shelves are my military reference books -uniforms, campaigns -L & F. Funcken books on uniforms covering Ancients to Modern, Osprey Man-At-Arms -various others.  Great references as an historian and wargamer!

A few references to gaming, toy soldier references and a couple local history books next -and my foreign language dictionaries.

These shelves go another 60 cms past me to the right.  The top shelf that isn't show, you can see part of it in the previous photo, contain wildlife/nature reference books some going back to the 19th century.A copy of the Bible and Quran and a history of English churches -go figure.

Next, hundreds of books covering the 1940s up to 2014 on subjects such as UFOs, ghosts, the paranormal, werwolves, strange phenomena, Sasquatch, Almasty, Yeti, Yeren, unidentified sea creatures ("sea monsters"), wildlife, tracking....hang on.....
Here you go.  The "hidden corner" not quite going as far as the ceiling (which is where my books go up to!) but it even shows the wall by my window (yes, if the window was a wall it would also be full of books) and the notes/art references I pin up there.

A teeny-weeny "tip of" glimpse of the European farm house and barn I'm building -but you're not here for "Basic Modelling With Uncle Terry" TM/(c)2015 Terry Hooper-Scharf TV enterprises.  Oh, that "brown thing with a face" on not quite the top shelf? It's a wax Rübezahl that belonged to my late Mother.  She bought it in Germany as it brought back memories of where she was born -Jauer -now in Poland. It might be a candle but she never lit it and it took pride of place on the mantle piece.

We're an odd lot

My comics are in file boxes in cupboards.  From popular to rare Independents covering the 1960s to 2000s.

 And now the big Kathy Kirby ending.....and if I sing "Secret Love" it will NOT be the "secret love" she sang about ,bless her.

As my Gran might say looking at this.  "He's not married" that would have all the subtle inferences her generation could put into those simple words.  My mum would probably be more direct -"This won't get you a girlfriend!"    I simply say: "LOOK! See all this? OH DEAR LORD PLEASE HELP ME!"

 Yes, I need to get rid of stuff -I've boxes of comics that shops and dealers will not buy -unless it's for such a cheap price it doesn't cover the cost of a book of postage stamps.

Let's face it -this drives ALL women away!!!

There, a glimpse of what is.  What will be I have no idea.  I get vertigo and altitude sickness getting to those top shelves.

"Where do you put your clothes, Terry?"    SHUT UP!!!!

Greek singer Demis Roussos dies aged 68

Just when you think the year can't get worse.  BBC News online.

Greek singer Demis Roussos dies aged 68

Demis Roussos on Top of the Pops in 1976 Demis Roussos appeared on BBC TV's Top of the Pops in 1976
Greek singer Demis Roussos, who sold more than 60 million albums worldwide, has died aged 68 the Hygeia Hospital in Athens has confirmed to the BBC.

He was best known for his solo hits in the 1970s and 80s, including Forever and Ever, Goodbye and Quand je t'aime.

He was also a member of progressive rock group Aphrodite's Child.

Roussos was renowned for his off-screen role in Mike Leigh's 1977 TV play Abigail's party, having provided the party's soundtrack.

Demis Roussos  
Roussos was as famous for his outfits as his music
He had been in the private hospital with an undisclosed illness for some time.

The singer was born Artemios Ventouris Roussos in Alexandria, Egypt, in 1946, to a Greek father and Egyptian mother of Italian origin.

He was raised there until his parents moved to Greece in the early 60s after losing their possessions during the Suez Crisis.

Roussos began his music career at 17, when he joined the a band called The Idols, where he met his future Aphrodite's Child bandmate Vangelis.

Aphrodite's Child produced three albums and enjoyed huge success in Europe in the late 1960s, especially France.

Roussos went on to have a solo career, and Forever And Ever topped the charts in several countries in 1973 and in the UK in 1976.

Other hits include My Friend the Wind, My Reason, Someday Somewhere and Happy To Be On An Island In The Sun.

Roussos' fondness for kaftans saw him dubbed "the Kaftan King" and he often wore them for his performances on shows such as Top of the Pops

 And now, Aphrodite's Child and The Four Horsemen (1972)

 Tempus fugit

Sunday, 25 January 2015


I write never ever to send me pdf event/book press releases.  So what do I get? Zipped files I have to download and open to get to...pdf files.

Word doc and any images as jpegs. Next repeat offender is black-listed from EVER getting a mention in CBO again.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Not A Very Productive Day

With all things getting in the way I only managed two rough pages today.  Here you go.

Friday, 23 January 2015

Arrow and The Flash: "Super Starts Here" Promo (HD)

As I Have Been Asked....

A couple emails that I think are better answered here in brief.

From the 1990s until 2007 I did try to find publishers for my books in Europe -the Czech, Slovak republics, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and so on. Sadly, most were not interested -a lot had no idea what I meant by comics -a double "??" here as the various trade sections of the respective embassies (I move in mysterious circles) had forwarded their details so...??

But if you know publishers in those countries tell them I'm here!

Oh, and the folk from India -yes, I tried India.  Boy, how I tried India but just got messed about.  Search for "Indian Comics" on this blog!

Just To Prove I HAVE Done Work....GREEN SKIES In Progress...

I know, I know.  I said there was no publication date for The Green Skies and, so far, there is not. But "Lord 0 Lord I feel my temperature risin!" as Elvis once sang.  If you ask "Elvis who?" Go away now!!!

Anyways, calm down. Deeeeeeep breath.  Sigh.

Well, there are LOTS of books on the online lulu.com store -link to the right on Blog Roll.  These include parts 1 and 2 of the "Invasion Earth" trilogy -Return Of The Gods: Twilight Of The Super Heroes and The Cross-Earths Caper.

There was a point to this..oh yes!  You want to see how high 300 (unedited) pages of Green Skies is? These are A3 (A3 size pages measure 29.7 x 42.0cm, 11.69 x 16.53 inches) plastic folders -4 all together and I've just started putting art in folder no. 5!

See? Slow but getting there!

Hallelujah – Puddles Pity Party at the SF Regency Lodge Ballroom

Puddles is just ***** brilliant.  Listen to HIS version!!