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Monday, 25 May 2015

If You Have A Comics Collection -How MANY Do You Have ....

...And More Importantly: How OFTEN Do You Read Them?

 Well, since I did the post about the tidy-up in Room Oblivion things have moved on. Books have more-or-less been put into order on the shelves.

This was the old look:

Then a query was raised about Why are my comics not all bagged?:

But I've seen, over the last few days, several bloggers display their collection in the very over-priced comic boxes and Mylar bags, but also as stacks in comic shop bags.  I know there are the lucky ones with a big living area, small room or even secured garage-cum-man den but that's the exception.

I started reading comics when I was 4 or 5 years of age thanks to Ma and Bill (my grandparents). I do not have all those old comics because of various reasons but as I never had a permanent place to live until I hit my 40s my comics were all over the place -but in rudimentary bagging.

Comics and comic annuals go back to the 1940s and there are series I want to re-read if and when I ever get the chance to 'retire' (or go senile which is a form of retirement -perhaps wander the streets with my underpants over my long johns and a table cloth around my neck as I go worrying "hoodies"....no. That's my current hobby).  Silver Age Sub-Mariner, Silver-Bronze Age Avengers, Dr Strange and, of course, those wonderful small company titles like MF Enterprises Captain Marvel.

Above:someone else's collection!

Here is the thing, though: I have thousands of comics that I have not read since the 1980s, 1990s or even 2000-2010. Some of them were great reads at the time when Marvel and DC had maybe 14-18 main titles a month.  Mini series or maxi series were extras.  A lot of the comics after 2000 I have little interest in since by that time continuity had ceased to exist with both Marvel and DC.  And with Disney owning Marvel continuity does not matter -the dollar is the be-all and end-all.

One day this is all going to implode and I'd guess within the next 4 years, maybe sooner. The rot has already set in.  You see, everyone over-excited about Avengers: Age Of Ultron and I've now noted ten negative reviews such as Bounding Into Comics:"Age Of Ultron: Worse Than A Star Wars Prequel?"

Captain America, Ultron and Iron Man from Avengers: Age of Ultron
Wow.  Apparently it only made around $191.3 million dollars on opening weekend.  Disney execs must have been jumping from windows.  That was sarcasm by-the-way.

It is quite noticeable that more and more bloggers are now calling it "Disney" not "Marvel"...oh, it finally sank in.  But while the die-hard Marvel fans will hail anything -even Tony Stark's nail clippings- as a huge success it is very obvious that more negativity is creeping in.

DC are not exempt as, even before the movies are released they are getting negative responses for all sorts of silly reasons.  Okay, that may be DCs fault because it has dragged its heels -rather than base movies on established characters -say, Smallville, which movie goers would probably be familiar with- they are dragging things out.  "Suicide Squad -has anyone seen the stills from that? Its like a cosplayers lineup" (sic). The most positive comments surrend, as I mentioned before, Harley Quinn's spray-on shorts.

And...WHOA! Even the TV series that "made comic book geek chic" -The Big Bang Theory is getting unprecedented criticism.  "Kaley Cuoco's acting stinks. She ought to be replaced!"  "Kaley Cuoco shortened her hair. Bimbo!" and Cuoco was previously untouchable.  Even the other characters -or, rather, the actors- are getting negativity.  One TV pundit in the US claimed the series was still popular but had lost that "geekster following"!
Look on Ebay and elsewhere and you will find a heck of a lot of comics from the last 4-5 years on sale. Shop owners never ever declare these things publicly (they fear for their business after all) but it seems more and more of the newer readers are trying to sell their books back to shops.  Yes, after 4-5 years some are realising that comics are NOT going to make them rich. The huge financial outlay in comic storage boxes, Mylar bags and...seriously..."reading gloves" (condoms for comic reading!) is a lot and their comics value has increased by....00.0%

I've seen two comic geek chic types who spent up to $120.00 on a "Rocket Raccoon first appearance" title (seriously, again, go online and see just how many 'first appearances' it is claimed he had!) write that the best offer they had when trying to sell the books on (now there was a sincere interest in comics) was "$20 ****** bucks!" (I was going to tell him he needn't include the "$" sign if he was going to write "bucks" but...).

Comic shops are not going to buy back comics they know they cannot sell or if they can it's only in the $1 box.  One stated "It's a buyers market" then added "Customers buy we sell. We don't buy back!"  I have now heard of two long time customers in comic shops in the US who had no real interest in the new Secret Wars series -the store owner offered issues 1 and 2 "If you don't like them then okay -bring 'em back and I'll put them in the remainders box".....in one case at least -they ended up in the remainders box (the other guy paid half price "out of loyalty"!!!!).

Having spoken to people who attend comic conventions from Finland to the USA there is one thing they hate as traders -Cos-players.

I really like cos-players and thought that my own observations that they never buy comics -they'll take the freebies-  was isolated.  However, time and time again I hear "Cos-players never buy books. They are not there for that!" followed by "Events support them so they ought to support the industry!"

Every cos-player I have chatted to does the whole thing for fun.  It's a social thing.  Decades ago you wanted to meet people and feel one of the gang you joined cycling clubs that went on weekend tours (VERY big in "the olden days"!), or you became a bird-watcher or...or...okay, train-spotters with a real interest in the engineering and so on maybe.  But bus-spotting?!!  Seriously, Bristol at weekends seems to be full of them -note books and pens ready, cameras on tripods or cameras with telephoto lenses. I mean, okay, as kids we used to spot car licence plates -not so many cars and in some cases those notes even helped the police!  But buses......

Anyway, check out You Tube videos of cos-players and it is not about the comic it is about the look of a character and how they have designed and put together a costume.  And meeting up with like-minded people.  I am NOT going to go into the more seedy side of why some female cos-players are involved because they are the exception -I think roped off sections for "more adult posing" says it all.

One day, cos-playing will be the main event with comic selling as a rather quaint aside.

TV and movies make big money.  Comics to a lesser degree.  The fact that "The Big Two" are desperately recycling ideas and really have no respect for fans -watch Tom Brevoort for Marvel Disney announce things -he is not even hiding the fact that selling and YOU buying are all that matters.  After all, he's already publicly hatte eine Scheiße over Marvel legendary creators Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and others that followed because they were "not as sophisticated at story telling" as the regurgitating new bloods -check the Ultimate Avengers animated movie extras: it's there.

Comics are seen as secondary and not that important as anything other than movie fodder.  The chic-sters -well, the brighter ones- are realising this.  There is going to be a massive comics glut on the internet and shop owners are advising those wanting to get rid of their books to "sell them on Ebay!"

We need to get back to the old comic mart days.  A day long event where comickers come to buy old comics and where cos-players or over priced toy merchandise are secondary.

For me, I have those thousands of comics I no longer read.  I would love to sell them off and get the money -AND the much needed space.  However, I know that is unlikely because the market is not there. 

An offer from a deal for a book that I know in its condition is worth £50-60.00 of "I can give you £5.00 but there is no guarantee I can sell it" is an insult.  I check out dealers, I know people who use these comic dealers and they tell me the prices asked by those dealers.  That book I was offered £5.00 for? The dealer was so certain I was going to take his offer (!) that he contacted someone I know who emailed me to say he had been offered the book for...£75.00.  The dealer did get back to me by phone and tried everything to get back book -all of that month's Marvel comics AND £10.00.  He certainly did not like my "No".

But look at your comic collection and ask yourself how many of the books you read more than once. What do you expect from your collection -it will never earn you enough to retire on- as the years go by? A yard sale? Thrift store donation? I know that when I croak mine will probably -likely- be sold off for what can be got and the rest trashed or burned.

Comickers tend to buy, read and store.  I don't think I've ever met a real comicker who ever thought beyond that.

Depressing, isn't it?  Believe me, no one is more depressed about it than me...other than the cupboards.

Here's a thought, though: Hong Kong produced huge numbers of comics but you try finding comickers today in Hong Kong who have knowledge of Manhua pre 2000s or 1990s.  The same in Singapore where I was astounded on forums to learn I was the only one who knew of 1980s Singaporean comics!

Buy and read and keep comics you love and read more than once.  In forty years time someone is going to be writing: "Where the hell did these mountains of comics from the early 2000s originate?!" and that after he picked up a pack of 50 comics for $10.......


Comic Book collection


Sunday, 24 May 2015

On Seller Greed And Buyer Stupidity

An up-date.  I know you are all anxious to find out what the £50 reduced to £25 concrete gnome sold for at a VERY frosty auction.  £5.00.  Chancers luck.

This item has been re-listed several times on Ebay and from the description you will see why:


Item specifics

Condition: Acceptable : Split the cost with friends

Seller notes:“Dust jacket absent with major damage to the spine and boards including a missing spine, bumped corners and soiling. Inscribed on the front and back end-papers. A number of the images have been coloured in, with annotations and underlinings throughout. The page edges are tanned and a little dusty with foxing creeping into occasional pages. This book is beginning to show its age with usual signs of wear and damage to the binding, including damage to the hinges inside both boards. GRADED COMMENSURATE WITH AGE OF BOOK DUST JACKET ABSENT PLEASE BE AWARE THIS BOOK IS PRE 1965 AND THE GRADE WILL REFLECT IT'S AGE”

To which I can only respond with a derisory "bollocks, mate!" And I am being serious here though I am not naming the 'trader' because I found others linked to Ebay and Amazon asking anywhere from £25-£65.00 for this and another Swan album.

They all use the con-man phrases of "Very rare" or "THE GRADE WILL REFLECT IT'S AGE" -meaning it is old and tatty but you will never find another bargain like this.  The implication is also that the book(s) are so rare that if you buy it you can later sell it for what you want.

The fact that this particular seller has re-listed the book three times to my knowledge proves the lie in that.

This is like going into W. H. Smith and being offered a 2013 Dandy annual for £40 that they found battered and moldy in a corner: "Well, you know how popular the Dandy is and you will NOT find another 2013 annual in shops....oh, someone scribbled in it and the spine is battered but this reflects its age."  As an example a 2013 Dandy Annual is going for 99p to £2.80 on Ebay but there is this item:


"Only" £19.95 but you can get the gift set 2013 Beano and Dandy Annuals (2 annuals!)  for £2.00 and a copy of the last ever Dandy comic will cost you between £2.35-£3.00 that is all three for £4.35 -£5.00. Where the feck do you get £19.95 (oh, and add the postage) from?

Chancers and con-men.
Take a look at my copy of the same 1954 Slick Fun Album that arrived yesterday.  Shiny cover, no damage and apart from a 1 inch tear of one page margin near the spine, perfect.  The paper quality is great, not 100% but we were still on paper rationing back then.  

Cost? £7.50 WITH postage and packaging.  That is correct because there is no "huge collectors market" for Swan books -I've picked up comics for £2.00 in pristine condition.  

The most I ever paid for a Swan album was £10.00 which included p&p and I paid that because there was something specific within I needed.  As it turned out I got a complete refund when I found 4 pages missing but the strip I wanted was intact.  The dealer:"These pop up all the time I just never checked inside this copy"

There were THOUSANDS of these books printed and I have talked with reputable dealers who handle comic annuals and we all agreed that, based upon the market interest (usually people fooled into believing they are buying printed gold!), quality of paper/print and the fact that about 99.9% of the creators had never been major names (on that I disagree as E. H. Banger -pronounced as in "ranger"- was a major contributor to Platinum, Golden and even Silver Ages comics though his work has been belittled by many morons who claim to be comic historians) then £5-7.00 for an annual is a decent price.

If you, as comickers, keep buying these books at over-inflated prices then the crooks will keep increasing the prices.  It just means they make a huge profit and you have lost money and have a book worth £5-7.00 and unless you are an over zealous fan it is just an over-priced book.

It's rather like the 1970s "banned" UK Action weekly comic issues -one for sale on Ebay had reached £700 an hour ago.  Here is a truth that I was told by the bosses at the company: they still sold the banned issues but "one had to pretend to maintain order".  So, there are many more "banned" issue copies out there than you think because the whole industry was crooked and had its ways -burn books that cost money?  Yeah. Right.

'Rare' Alan Class copies going for £20-35 each.  That's a crook trader and a VERY dumb buyer. For any Class comic a standard price would be £2.50 max if you really wanted that issue.  Fantastic weekly "Ultra/Very rare Silver Age"...the joke is that thousands of copies of this comic are sold every month on Ebay...that is a LOT of very rare/ultra rare comics! 

Some utter moron, I'm sorry but he/she is, purchased a copy of the old print Comic Bits as a "rare silver age fanzine" -"rare"/"silver age" and "fanzine" being very false for the first two and "shady" with the third. I still have copies.  Oh, the moron paid £28.00 and £5.00 postage (???? for an A5 42 pager).

I remember about five years ago a BBC TV day time antique show (sell your old junk mainly -Cash In The Attic?) had their expert ("X" =the Unknown and "spurt" is a drip under pressure) look at a 1969 Star Trek Annual.  "Well, it's 1960s and Star Trek so you can ask £30 for it!" he declared as only chancers do.  Did it sell? No.  

In charity shops and two comic shops the same annual was on sale for £1.50.  

Similar price on Ebay...until Leonard Nimoy died and prices hit £25-40.00....why???  Leonard Nimoy did not write nor draw nor have any connection with these reprints of Gold Key comics other than there was a character called "Mr Spock".  Go on, sell the annual for the price you paid on Ebay.

But the greed goes on and as someone once wrote: "there is one born every minute" -a recent Batman issue had an asking price, on the same day as it was on sale in comic shops, of $12-19.00!  One long time comicker wrote online "F*** this. I'm waiting til it goes into the back issue bins!"  And guess what? Some of those selling the book at a high price were found to be shop owners who had not "been able to get hold of enough copies" for their standing orders...at the regular price.  And the old "I doubt we can get a copy as they've sold out" ploy was used.  One man purchased a copy online after being told this but next visit to the shop "We actually managed to get a copy for you after a lot of effort so its a bit dearer in price" -YES. The ploy I wrote about in a previous post.

When it was tried on me I said "Too bad. I got my copy online because you said you COULD NOT get a copy" (furious, whining shop staff).

You are an enabler if you allow this.  Seriously, draw a line!

I have a foot high concrete, mass produced gnome in my garden. An antique programme just on the TV had a dealer wanting £50 but he got knocked down to £25. 


Saturday, 23 May 2015

Happy Terry Day!

Paul Ashley Brown had absolutely no idea why I was so excited to get these.  The poor boy needs an education ("boy" -HAH!).

The 1949 Slick Fun Album and the 1954 album.  £7.00 each which is about right for very good quality. There were a couple other Swan albums but prices were from £22 -65.00 for really poor condition, basically because con artists/crooks think they can screw people over for huge amounts because comics are "in".

Tonight I shall be losing myself in pure nostalgic joy as my Swan albums collection grows -and so does my Golden Age UK comics collection.

Just lovely.

Like The Strangers That You've Met

 Drawings By Paul Ashley Brown

21 x 21.5 cms
black and white
available from  Paul Ashley Brown, c/o 15 Wedmore Vale Road, Bedminster, Bristol BS3 5HQ

Having just sold one heck of a lot of books at the Alternative Press event in London, Mr. Brown is one of those creators I keep telling people that they need to invest in.   His books have sold in Europe and he has been to Finland and Japan which adds to his already existing following in the UK.

Mr. Brown is currently working on other projects but tends to not over expose his work.  So this makes that work much sought after!

Rather than use the familiar format of the Browner Knowle series, Mr. Brown has opted for a more squarish format and, sadly, my scanner does not show the nice yellow shade of the cover -but that's scanners for you!

The scanner does not do justice to the pencil artwork which is a great pity as these centre pages I really like.  And it is an even bigger annoyance because with today's printing technology you can reproduce pencil art superbly -it's when it gets into the hands of kack-handed scanner-reviewers that it goes wrong!

For investment, and if you can get a hold of copies because these are low print run books, I would say buy this book or Browner Knowles or any of his books -the mini Yo Yo books sell like hot-cakes on a cold Winters day so if you can buy any of those do!

And if you have bought a copy of  number 6 of The Comix Reader -check online to buy at http://www.thecomixreader.com/ - you will see some of Mr. Brown's colour work.

Again, if you get a folded newspaper size comic it will get creases -and the actual colours on this piece are quite subtle.

No Tobias Tak in this edition which means that Mr. Brown's work is the stand-out piece in the comic.  Again, I don't think The Comic Reader has a massive print-run so worth getting and there is the added bonus that newspaper format comics in the UK are VERY rare.

But you can order the latest Paul Ashley Brown book directly from him so why not ask him to sign your copy?

Really is a nice book and I have to add it to my collection which includes Judge Dredd and Blue Saviour illustrations by said Bristol's own King of Zines!

Highly recommended.

Just remembered there IS a PAB page where you can see his work:http://www.paulashleybrown.co.uk/#home

Grange Hill's Benny Green Dies Aged 50

Grange Hill's Benny Green Dies Aged 50

Tributes have been paid to Grange Hill actor Terry Sue-Patt, who was found dead at his home aged 50.
He was best known for playing Benny Green in the popular BBC show about pupils at a fictional comprehensive school in north London

Sue-Patt played football-loving Benny from 1978 to 1982, and was the first pupil to be shown in the debut episode.

He was given the role after a talent scout spotted him playing football in a park in London.
Sue-Patt - who became a graffiti artist in later life - was found dead at his home in Walthamstow, northeast London, on Friday.

Police are not treating his death as suspicious.

Fellow Grange Hill actors left messages of condolence on social media.

Erkan Mustafa, who played Roland, tweeted: "Still cant believe it. Called your phone to hear your voice."
Lee Macdonald, 46, who starred as Zammo Maguire, wrote: "R.I.P Terry Sue-Patt the memories of our times together will never be forgotten! Love you FOREVER Xxxxxxxxxxxx."

He shared a recent picture of himself with Sue-Patt and a group of friends from their Grange Hill days on a night out together.

Sue-Patt also enjoyed success in 1989 football hooligan film The Firm, starring Gary Oldman.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman told Sky News: "Police were alerted at 12.42 on Friday, 22 May, to concerns for the welfare of a man in Walthamstow.

"At 13.44, officers forced entry to a flat in Northcote Road, E17 and found the body of a man, aged in his 50s, inside the flat. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

"Next of kin have been informed. At this early stage, the death is not believed to be suspicious."

Tempus fugit

Friday, 22 May 2015



CORRECTION: A previous version of this release did not mention the Dark Horse booth number (#7052). This has been corrected in the new text. Apologies for the inconvenience.
Visit Dark Horse Comics at Phoenix Comicon at booth #7052 for free swag, such as comics, buttons, posters, and more! Check out our show exclusives, signings, and panels, too!
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A set quantity will be available at opening each day of the show. Limit of 5 per person per day while supplies last. Each comic is $5.00.
We’ll also have a variety of Dark Horse comics, graphic novels, art books, and collectibles for sale in our booth.
All creators signing in our booth offer their autographs for FREE. FREE prints, comics, or posters are provided for signings (while supplies last). You may purchase or bring items to be signed; however, we may restrict the type or number of items to be signed as necessary. Please note that some of the titles listed below have not been released for sale yet—in those cases, special prints will be available.
Lines may also be closed for some signings due to crowding or time restrictions.
All events are subject to change. Some restrictions apply. Please ask the Dark Horse Comics staff if you have questions.
5:00 p.m.–5:50 p.m. ARCHIE VS. PREDATOR, GRINDHOUSE: Alex de Campi
Archie vs. Predator #1 Phoenix Comicon exclusive variant cover by Darick Robertson available for purchase.
7:00 p.m.–7:50 p.m. MIDNIGHT SOCIETY: Drew Edward Johnson
11:00 a.m.–11:50 a.m.  MIDNIGHT SOCIETY: Drew Edward Johnson
2:00 p.m.–2:50 p.m. THIS DAMNED BAND: Paul Cornell, Tony Parker
3:00 p.m.–3:50 p.m. TWO BROTHERS, DE:TALES, PIXU, THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY: Gabriel Bá, Fábio Moon
4:00 p.m.–4:50 p.m. EI8HT, X, B.P.R.D. HELL ON EARTH: Rafael Albuquerque
5:00 p.m.–5:50 p.m. GRINDHOUSE, ARCHIE VS. PREDATOR: Alex de Campi
Archie vs. Predator #1 Phoenix Comicon exclusive variant cover by Darick Robertson available for purchase.
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Archie vs. Predator #1 Phoenix Comicon exclusive variant cover by Darick Robertson available for purchase.
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2:00 p.m.–2:50 p.m. THIS DAMNED BAND: Paul Cornell, Tony Parker
3:00 p.m.–3:50 p.m. EI8HT, X, B.P.R.D. HELL ON EARTH: Rafael Albuquerque
4:00 p.m.–4:50 p.m. MIDNIGHT SOCIETY: Drew Edward Johnson
11:00 a.m.–11:50 a.m.  THIS DAMNED BAND: Paul Cornell, Tony Parker
12:00 p.m.–12:50 p.m.  MIDNIGHT SOCIETY: Drew Edward Johnson
1:00 p.m.–1:50 p.m.  EI8HT, X, B.P.R.D. HELL ON EARTH: Rafael Albuquerque
2:00 p.m.–2:50 p.m. GRINDHOUSE, ARCHIE VS. PREDATOR: Alex de Campi
Archie vs. Predator #1 Phoenix Comicon exclusive variant cover by Darick Robertson available for purchase.
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The Marty Ray Q&A: Don’t Forget About Elvis

Interesting interview with an incredible singer.  Full interview here:


Marty Ray

For me, it’s not something I try to do, I just sing any song the way I feel it.
by Walter Price

There’s a thing in the music business where you need to be something you may or most likely are not. Marty Ray isn’t in that realm. He is a songwriter and song interpreter who publicly wears his beliefs, loves and understandings on his everyday person sleeves.

God? Yes. Love of a wide variety of sounds? Yes. Understanding of an honest approach? Yes. Marty Ray may just be the voice, with his covers that take near classics into new soulful grounds and originals that shout authenticity, the world needs now.

My happenstance introduction of Ray has kept me intrigued, his-story has converted myself and thousands of others into a fans.

I like that line in your bio, “My Momma always said when I cried as a baby, it sounded like a song,”, have you always been making music?



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: MILWAUKIE, OR—Dark Horse Comics is pleased to announce that Cullen Bunn and Tyler Crook’s Harrow County #1 has sold out and will receive a second printing. Featuring a new cover by Crook, the new printing will give even more readers a chance to visit “the town that will make your skin crawl.”
Praised as “genuinely creepy and engaging” by Mark Millar and called “[a series] worth checking out” by master of horror Clive Barker, Harrow County follows the story of Emmy, who always knew that the deep, dark woods surrounding her home crawled with ghosts, goblins, and the restless dead. But on the eve of her eighteenth birthday, she learns that she is connected to these creatures—and to the land itself—in a way she never imagined.
Harrow County #1 is the latest of several sold-out creator-owned first printings from Dark Horse and follows in the footsteps of this year’s Lady Killer and EI8HT.
Don’t miss your chance to experience the series Bloody Disgusting calls “a masterful creation that lingers in the small moments of terror from our daily lives.”
For a closer look at Tyler Crook's Harrow County #1 second printing variant, head over to Comic Book Resources.
Harrow County #1 Second Printing (APR158284)
Cullen Bunn (W), Tyler Crook (A/Cover)
On sale June 17; FOC June 1
For more information or interview opportunities, contact:
Aub Driver aubd@darkhorse.com | Steve Sunu steves@darkhorse.com
About Dark Horse
Founded in 1986 by Mike Richardson, Dark Horse Comics has proven to be a solid example of how integrity and innovation can help broaden a unique storytelling medium and establish a small, homegrown company as an industry giant. The company is known for the progressive and creator-friendly atmosphere it provides for writers and artists. In addition to publishing comics from top talent, such as Frank Miller, Mike Mignola, Neil Gaiman, Brian Wood, Gerard Way, Felicia Day, and Guillermo del Toro, and comics legends, such as Will Eisner, Neal Adams, and Jim Steranko, Dark Horse has developed its own successful properties, such as The Mask, Ghost, Timecop, and SpyBoy. Its successful line of comics and products based on popular properties includes Mass Effect, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Aliens, Conan, EVE Online, Halo, Serenity, Game of Thrones, and Domo. Today Dark Horse Comics is the largest independent comic book publisher in the US and is recognized as one of the world’s leading publishers of both creator-owned content and licensed comics material.

Octobriana: The Underground History

Think you know all about cult comix character, Octobriana? Kult Creations' forthcoming book 'Octobriana: The Underground History' might have a few surprises for you...


 Keep checking Kult Creations on the blog roll!

Just So That YOU Understand....