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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Pasg Hapus Dalen / A Happy Celtic Easter from Dalen

Dalen is a great Welsh company deserving of support in the UK industry. I had thought they vanished but -thankfully- they are still publishing!

Cylchlythyr Ebrill 2014
April 2014 Newsletter

Tintin Derwyddon Druids Pasg
Pasg Hapus o Straeon Stribed
Tintin mewn Cernyweg – ac yn Gymraeg! – a rhan ola stori
Y Derwyddon yn Gymraeg a Saesneg

Antur Newydd Tintin yn Gymraeg, ac
am y tro cynta erioed
Tintin mewn Cernyweg!
Tintin Y Bad RachubLlong o Amlwch yn achos pryder i Tintin
Y Bad Rachub yw antur Gymraeg newydd Tintin. Mae angen cymorth y gohebydd pengoch ar ei hen gyfaill, yr Emir Ben Kalish o wlad Khemed yn y Dwyrain Canol. Ond yn llechu yn y cysgodion mae hen gydnabod sy'n masnachu mewn caethweision. Gyda pheryglon astrus ar dir a môr, mae Tintin, Milyn a'r Capten Hadog yn camu i sefullfa enbyd ar fwrdd y bad Rachub.
ISBN 9781906587406

Tintin An Ynys DhuAm y tro cynta erioed,
Tintin mewn Cernyweg
Dyw Tintin erioed wedi siarad Cernyweg o'r blaen, ond erbyn hyn mae e wedi bod ar gwrs carlam er mwyn herio chwedl y bwystfil ar An Ynys Dhu. Bydd yr antur hon, sy wedi cael ei chyfieithu gan un o aelodau Gorsedd Cernyw, Mark Trevethan, o ddiddordeb mawr i ddarllenwyr sy'n cael blas ar y Pethe Celtaidd. Mae'r tebygrwydd dwy chwaer-iaith rhwng y Gymraeg a'r Gernyweg, ac mae'n syndod faint o'r fersiwn Gernyweg sy'n rhwydd i'r Cymro ei deall.
ISBN 9781906587437

Y Derwyddon Cystudd y CyfiawnCymal ola achos
Y Derwyddon…
Diweddglo annisgwyl i ymchwil Gwynlan! Mae gwaith diflino Gwynlan i geisio dod o hyd i'r sawl sy'n gyfrifol am gyfres o lofruddiaethau milenig yn yr Eglwys Geltaidd wedi'n tywys ni o fynachlogydd Llydaw, i ryfeddod Côr y Cewri, i lannau Môn ac i bellafoedd Ynysoedd Heledd. Yn rhan ola cyfres iasoer Y Derwyddon: Cystudd y Cyfiawn, mae'r gwaith o geisio canfod pwy laddodd y mynachod yn troi cornel fydd neb yn ei disgwyl wrth i'r trywydd ein cludo ymhellach i oerni'r gogledd a rhyfeddodau Tir Na N'Og.
ISBN 9781906587321

Druids Voyage of discovery…ac yn yr un modd, Druids
Mae rhan ola'r Derwyddon mewn Saesneg hefyd wedi ei chyhoeddi – Druids: Voyage of Discovery. Gyda chwblhau'r stori yn Gymraeg, y peth lleia allen ni neud oedd gorffen y stori yn ein fersiwn Saesneg o'r gyfres hefyd! Mae fformat y gyfres Saesneg ychydig yn wahanol – y maint yn llai, a dwy o'r straeon Cymraeg wedi eu cyrnhoi i mewn i un llyfr – ond mae'r stori a'r arlunwaith yn benigamp ym mha iaith bynnag ddewiswch chi ddarllen!
ISBN 9781906587390

A Celtic flavour to Easter from Dalen!
Brand New Tintin in Cornish
and the conclusion of Druids in English
Dalen has four new titles reaching the bookshelves this Easter, including – for the first time ever – Tintin in Cornish and the much anticipated conclusion of the excellent murder-mystery Druids series.
 Tintin in Cornish
An Ynys Dhu is the Cornish version of the Tintin bestseller L'Ile Noire/The Black Island. For the first time ever, the intrepid reporter speaks the Celtic language of Cornwall on an adventure which takes him to the furthermost parts of Scotland. On a remote, craggy island, Tintin faces up to the legend of the Goedhvil of An Ynys Dhu.
ISBN 9781906587437
Tintin in Welsh
The successful Tintin series in Welsh also continues with the release of Y Bad Rachub, Dafydd Jones' gripping adaptation of Coke en Stock/Red Sea Sharks. This is the tenth Tintin album released in Welsh by Dalen, as our bequiffed hero encounters slavery and piracy on the Red Sea.
ISBN 9781906587086
Druids in English
The excellent Druids series, penned by Thierry Jigourel and Jean-Luc Istin, and fabulously illustrated by Jacques Lamontage, reaches its conclusion in the newly-released Voyage of Discovery. Published over three volumes, Gwynlan's investigation into the murder of some Dark Age monks takes him on a trail to ensure the survival of the Treasures of the Britons. In a dramatic end to the tale, with a surprisingly unexpected twist, Druids: Voyage of Discovery is available here for £9.99 plus postage, or get it from your local bookstore. ISBN 9781906587390
Druids –Y Derwyddon – in Welsh
 You could be really in to the authentic Celtic feel of the Druids series, and fancy investing in the Welsh version of the series. Published in the same large 48 page format as the original French version, Y Derwyddon: Cystudd y Cyfiawn is the concluding part of the series in Welsh.
ISBN 9781906587321

I Have No Idea What You Mean By "Boob Window" But....

 Over at Tales From The Kryptonian, Subzero has produced a new posting that might be of interest to, uh, gentleman with a keen interest in the uhh, well, photographically captured female stars of movies and TV...and there are boob windows!


Return Of The Angry Comic Collector (Age Witheld)

  To be honest I'm stupid. I treat people honestly and fairly and expect them to reciprocate. Last August I posted this item (and it took me AGES to find this post):

Never Ever Let People Near Your Comicx Collection

I have to admit that until I started trying to catalogue (again) the old 1960s comics I had such as Odhams Fantastic and Terrific and, of course, my Alan Class collection I had no idea just how many comics had been...well, stolen by visitors I used to have when my apartment was an open door to comic people.

How bad are the losses?

Well, I now have only issues 11, 12, 13, 45, 60, 67, 76 and 77 from my Fantastics and I was given a large stack at the old Bath mart in the 1980s by David Johnson.

The Terrific comics I just stared at in shock. Only two left -issues 6 and 7.

That is pretty gutting but my own fault since I was so open to visitors.

It was when I came to my Alan Class box that I discovered there were only just over 50 books -and a big space in the box.

I only have

Amazing Stories of Suspense 98, 102, 117, 127, 153, 174, 186, 219, 221 and 233.

Out Of This World 4, 7 and 18!!!

Sinister Tales  54, 75, 100, 106, 108, 117, 144, 184, 208, 214 and 227.

Secrets Of The Unknown  104, 139, 194, 206, 229, 230 and 241

Uncanny Tales  30, 64, 66, 73, 116, 141, 152, 153, 169, 173, 179 and 183

Astounding Stories  8, 76, 81, 93, 94, 122, 130, 141, 144, 171 and 188

Creepy Worlds  133, 138, 141, 159, 165, 204, 205 and 239

If you are a member of my Yahoo Alan Class group and have seen the cover scans I uploaded there years ago when I started the group you will see that I am missing...a lot.

By the gaps between numbers it looks as though people just put their hands in, grabbed a bunch and that was it.

I can actually see now WHY collectors tend not to let others near their books -especially unattended. I'm not the first to have had a collection looted but let it serve as an example to you. 

Can I rebuild the collection?  Not likely since ebay sellers are pushing prices sky-high and well out of my range.

Just utterly winded.

So why repost? Oh, that's simple. You see, as most of you reading these posts will have gathered, since I was a youngster I was a big -BIG- fan of Marvel Comics The Avengers.  My collection started back in the 1960s -though the past decade has seen and end to that love -but not of the old books.
Until I was in my 40s (yes, I know, you see my photo and think "but he looks so much like a young Jude Law!" you teases, you!) I never had a permanent home and nine years into my 'permanent' home the local authority decided it had to be demolished.  So, where-ever I lived was a drop-in point for comickers. They looked and read through my collection....
...but my Avengers collection remained boxed up to preserve their full colour goodness. Only a piece of tape sealing the lid down but good enough (I thought).
Now, last week I decided that I needed to catalogue the issues to try to, eventually, get the issues I needed to fill in my collection. I've read and re-read The Essential Avengers volumes so often I thought I'd treat myself to a full colour read.
What greeted me when I opened the box was devastating to say the least. Having been ill I thought seeing those books might pick me up. It did the opposite.
The early books were never "very fine" or "mint" but good reading copies because I have no pretentions that they were my pension in storage -and let's face it, when I shuffle off this mortal coil the books are going to be dumped or sold on to some dealer shark. 
So what did I find? Lots of ripped covers and huge gaps in the run of books. Someone, or some persons, have quite obviously just put hand/hands in and grabbed whatever. 
The fact that I never checked the 'secured' box is my fault. That I let people near my collection is my fault. I have to be philosophical about this because I am assured tracking down everyone who ever visited my homes, torturing and then exacting a comic book type vengeance on them is not allowed.

It's a lesson learnt a bit late in life. So, I need to replace all the issues up to #118 -BUT the Neal Adams #93 is still there and intact (HA HA YOU THIEVING SCUM YOU MISSED THAT ONE!! ITS HERE ON MY DESK UNDER THE COFFEE MUG AND...................oh.

Joking aside, at least I have a task for my declining years while white hot vengeance burns its way through my raging heart...or maybe I should take some more Gaviscon (the paranormal investigator and comic book professionals friend)?

If you love your comics -treasure them!


PAUL CORNELL will be launching THE SEVERED STREETS, at the Forbidden Planet London Megastore on Wednesday 21st May from 6 – 7pm.

It’s Hell out there…

Detective Inspector James Quill and his wily squad of supernatural crime-busters are coming to terms with their new-found second sight. They have a handle on the ghosts and ghouls, but the rest of London's supernatural underworld is still unknown. When a seemingly invisible murderer kills a top cabinet minister in unusual circumstances, the team knows this is a case for them.

Attempts to learn more about this mysterious figure are hampered when their chief detective goes missing, and a core member of their team becomes more focussed on bringing her father back to life than finding their missing detective. Soon the team seems to be falling apart as each member pursues their own interests. Throw in an ancient and vengeful spirit and a Rat King, and their mission soon becomes a trip to Hell - literally.

Paul Cornell is a writer of SF/F in prose, television and comics. He's written Wolverine for Marvel, Superman and Batman for DC, and is the creator of Saucer Country for Vertigo. The first book in the James Quill series, London Falling, is also available from Tor.


Forbidden Planet is the largest store of its kind in the world. Some of the biggest names in SF, Fantasy and Cult Entertainment have come to our London Megastore for events, including Jonathan Ross, Kevin Smith, Sam Raimi, Guillermo del Toro, John Landis, Terry Gilliam, Christopher Lee, Simon Pegg, William Gibson, Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, and Stephen King.

For more about our signings please go to: http://forbiddenplanet.com/events/

Monday, 14 April 2014


 BEN R. Dilworth
74 Pages 
Black & white
Price: £6.00
There has always been a Purple Hood. “The Kings Man” and then the international agent used by HM Government to deal with external and internal threats. 
Mad men with nuclear bombs. Organised drug cartels. Power hungry dictators. The Britton family have always been Purple Hoods. The Purple Hood is precise and clinical in his work. 
But above all else those wearing the Hood have had guidance from their consciences. So when the military stand idly by, unable to act when civilians are massacred –when politicians only draw up policy and blow warm air….. ...does the Purple Hood –does John Britton– sit back on his hands idly awaiting a change in policy? 
Or does John Britton pull on the Hood and say: “Enough! The line is drawn and crossed!” 
Time for the bad men to run. Time to hide. Or time to die! 
Ben Dilworth writes and draws this mini epic.

Booked! Now Here Is The Legend!