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Friday, 22 May 2015

Octobriana: The Underground History

Think you know all about cult comix character, Octobriana? Kult Creations' forthcoming book 'Octobriana: The Underground History' might have a few surprises for you...


 Keep checking Kult Creations on the blog roll!

Just So That YOU Understand....

Achtung, Baby -It's February! It Isn't??

Yeah, I'm not doing auto posts any more. Luckily Chris Rice pointed out that a Suicide Squad item that SHOULD have auto posted in February did so today.

Anyhow, from tomorrow on I've got to get back to drawing and reading books for review.

Oh joy!

Indyfest Network News Looks At Silicon Heart

Well, Indyfest gives Silicon Heart a good mention!

“Subtle world-building, well-observed relationships, lovely layouts and a great ending to the first issue.” – Alec Worley (Judge Dredd, Judge Anderson)

Read more at:http://news.indyfestusa.com/2015/05/22/sam-roads-and-kat-nicholson-launch-silicon-heart-kickstarter/

BilBOlbul Newsletter 22 maggio 2015

NEWSLETTER 22/05/2015

Primavera/Estate è un ciclo di cinque incontri con protagonisti maestri del fumetto e dell’illustrazione di fama internazionale, organizzato in collaborazione con Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna, Scuola di Lettere e Beni Culturali - Università di Bologna e Gruppo Hera.

La rassegna si chiude con la presentazione de Il porto delle anime di Stefano Alghisi. Oltre ai grandi autori internazionali, BilBOlbul dà spazio anche a fumettisti italiani emergenti, e a case editrici indipendenti e coraggiose. Presso la libreria Modo Infoshop lunedì 25 maggio alle ore 19 l’autore Stefano Alghisi dialogherà col giornalista ed esperto di musica Pierfrancesco Pacoda, a partire dal proprio fumetto, sui Cramps, Gun Club, Birthday Party e sulla rivoluzione del rock a cavallo tra gli anni Settanta e Ottanta.
In collaborazione con Modo Infoshop, MalEdizioni e il festival "Tra le nuvole" di Brescia.

Vai su www.bilbolbul.net per tutti i dettagli!

Il 22, 23 e 24 maggio 2015 nella cornice dell’Auditorium del Massimo dell’Eur, a Roma si terrà la prima edizione di ARF!, il nuovo festival dedicato al fumetto e allo storytelling, con mostre, workshop, incontri e confronti con scrittori, sceneggiatori, disegnatori, coloristi, illustratori, registi, grafici e animatori. Appuntamenti professionali per la presentazione di progetti e portfolio agli editor. Performance dal vivo e anteprime esclusive.
ARF! è inoltre uno spazio dedicato all’immaginario dei più piccoli con un’Area Kids ad ingresso gratuito fino ai 12 anni e un ricco programma di laboratori creativi, disegni, letture a alta voce, giochi e libri a disposizione.

Il festival è gemellato con il Treviso Comic Book Festival, il Napoli Comicon e BilBOlbul.

Anche grazie al tuo contributo potremo portare avanti le nostre attività.
Nella tua dichiarazione dei redditi, scrivi il nostro codice fiscale: 92047890378
Grazie per il sostegno!
BilBOlbul Festival internazionale di fumetto fa parte della
Rete dei Festival del Contemporaneo di Bologna
Angelica- Festival Internazionale di musica: 2 > 31 maggio 2015 - aaa-angelica.com :: Biografilm: 5 > 15 giugno 2015 - biografilm.it :: Gender Bender: 31 ottobre > 8 novembre 2015 - www.genderbender.it ::
: 19 > 22 novembre 2015 - bilbolbul.net :: Live Arts Week: liveartsweek.it ::
Future Film Festival
: futurefilmfestival.org

Dwayne Johnson Explains Black Adam’s Motives In Shazam


It looks as though Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is already getting into the spirit of ‘Shazam’… and explains that he can’t wait to play a different kind of villain.
Dwayne Johnson Explains Black Adam’s Motives In Shazam
During an interview with HeyUGuys, the 43-year-old wrestler-turned-DC-villain explained why he finds Black Adam so interesting…

“I can’t wait,” said Johnson when asked if he’s looking forward to playing a villain. “He’s a unique type of villain. When you start off as a slave, you’re not in a good mood!”

Of course, fans of DC’s New 52 will already know his backstory…

It turns out that Black Adam was a slave who was teleported from his prison cell by the wizard Shazam, and was granted superhuman powers – the same powers as the hero, Shazam.
A predecessor to the DC hero, his powers are accessed in much the same way – by uttering the magic word ‘shazam’ to transform himself into Black Adam. But it’s Adam’s origin that seems to interest Johnson the most.

“There’s a heavy wrath that a lot of people have to pay,” he said. “But when it’s fuelled by a righteous anger if you will, like Black Adam, then you open up to what the character can be which I’m really excited about. That’s why he’s not just a straightforward bad guy.”

And there’s been much speculation that Black Adam won’t end up being a bad guy at all.

During numerous interviews, Dwayne Johnson has hinted that Black Adam may eventually turn into more of an antihero… and that’s something that certainly fits with the character’s comic book origins.
“Kneel at his feet or get crushed by his boot,” he said via Twitter. “My honor to become.. #BlackAdam #TheAntiHero #DCComics”

Although originally a straight-forward villain of Shazam, he was eventually developed by Geoff Johns into an antihero who attempting to clear his name – even becoming a member of the Justice Society of America.

Will this version ever make it to the big screen? For now, we’ll have to wait and see. But I get the feeling that Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is going to have a lot of fun with this role.

‘Shazam’ heads to cinemas on 5 April 2019.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Sorry? You Say Stan Lee Created The Phrase "Nuff Said"?

Well, I beg to differ and present to you covers from a 1950s UK glamour and humour mag.....


Silicon Heart 71% Funded!

 Great news for Kat and Sam.

Welcome to the Silicon Heart Kickstarter!

January is a bullied teenager who finds solace in the embrace of synthetic-being Rho. Her friends and family are unready to accept this, but when January takes a stand against the prejudice of the law, no-one is prepared for what happens next...

Silicon Heart is a 120 page graphic novel, made up of four 30 page issues, written by Sam Roads and illustrated by Kat Nicholson.

Having won a prestigious Literature Wales grant in 2014 to help complete issue 1 of Silicon Heart ('A Better Tomorrow'), we launched it in April at the Egbaston Comic Festival, to excellent reviews. (See below)

Our aim with this Kickstarter project is to raise additional funds towards the completion and quarterly publication of the remaining three parts of Silicon Heart.
  • Part 1: A Better Tomorrow - COMPLETED
  • Part 2: Tin Soldiers - Summer 2015
  • Part 3: Cycles - Autumn 2015
  • Part 4: Sympathy - Winter 2015
If we are able to exceed our target, we hope to set a stretch goal which will see Silicon Heart published as a complete graphic novel!



This might have been out of place

This might have been out of place in the last post so....

Pete, Chris and Steve: I really, really do not care. If you think Blogger and Google+ are faking stats complain.  My blog stats are not "phenomenally high" -I'm guessing you just have not been looking at other blogs.  Sigh. Go back to your own blogs which were last up-dated 6, 5 and 1 year ago. Honestly.

Warum ist es, fair, ehrlich und wahrhaftig und behandlung von menschen mit respekt bekommt man nichts als eimer scheiße?

When I Were A Lad We Had Us Our Imaginations, Books and Comics T'match


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I think that something I wrote was miss-read.

I have always, since the 1970s and always will, promote and support independent comic creators, film and authors.  I simply do not have enough time to read a prose book but, Jeremy, if a prose book is sent to me along with PR, etc., I will mention it -fantasy, Science fiction, horror, books that encourage kids and others to learn to draw or get into crafting/modelling.

In past posts I have mentioned prose books so you must have missed those posts.  Also, books can only be mentioned if they arrive through my letter box because, again, I do not have the time to trawl the internet going "Ooh! I'll mention that one!"

 Now you may ask what those images are doing at the top of this page?  Well, as a youngster (yes, I was a youngster once) I used to love the odd, quirky books with Mrs Pepperpot who seemed to shrink at the most awkward moments or Professor Branestawm with his Heath Robinson designed contraptions (and, no, big fan of Harry Hill but that BBC adaption with him as Branestawm -AWFUL) -made young minds think and if you had imaginations they encouraged that.

I was a bit down on Grandpa In My Pocket as a publication.  However, I think I had my "comic hat" on. In fact, I think that with the free toys -as seen on the cover above- it is a good successor to Pepperpot and Branestawm.  In fact, "Grandpa" gets up to a lot of things we used to imagine as kids.


We need more to encourage creativity in kids -whether building little table top villages out of cardboard boxes or...well, take a look at The Childrens Own Wonder Book above.  It is from the mid-1950s and, amongst the illustrated stories by Enid Blyton, Eric Joysmith et al there are things like "Bird Migration" and "Talking Of Butterflies" but, most important, things could make with their own hands such as:

Simple Puppets
Bamboo Pipes
Party Games
How To Make A Model Glider
How To Make A Model Racing Car  and
Pencil and Paper Games

Seriously, it's what we used to do. I made my Plastacine figures -characters from comics of course, and when my gran offered me the tall, cardboard box that the new Hoover came in it became the Baxter Building: windows cut into it, 'floors' and so on.

 Every-so-often you might get card cut out figures or small scenes -a 'mountain' with a climber and so on.

Now parents spend £10 or more on a plastic 3 3/4" action figure of Iron Man or some other character. I understand these are more permanent in young hands but the enjoyment in making and playing with your own is something you never forget -and it's a skill.

Kids need to be encouraged to read from an early age -it's just a pity there are no comics covering pre-school to 11 years of age apart from The Dandy which does NOT cover what kids really like.  For three days in a row I have seen nursery and pre-school kids wearing Spider-Man, Batman and other super hero clothes.  One little lad with his father scootered past me today singing "Batman, Batman, Batman" and last week, same situation, he was singing Spider-Man repeatedly.

My Great Nephews are 3 and 4 years of age and are super hero mad  (Yes, I really do fear for my comic collection when they get older!) as are a great many others.  Where are the comics covering that genre for pre-school to 11 years?

Some publisher is losing out on money here!

If you don't try you never know and, sadly, magazine publishers simply do not seem to be interested these days!

When I grew up, of course, I still loved the odd and weird in books and John Creasy and his Dr Palfrey ("Sap" =Stanilaus Alexander Palfrey) of Z5, an intelligence department that, in the 1950s-1980s became a world intelligence organisation.  The Drought, The Plague Of Silence, The Flood, The Unbegotten -I could go on...why did I never just write prose?

But that's another post!