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Monday, 8 February 2016

Delcourt: Les Sup’Héros sont de retour ! It's WHY I Need The Money! have MISUNDERSTOOD me.  I have never written nor have I ever said that if someone genuinely loves loves comics and are not just jumping in to make a 'fortune' that they should not buy or collect comics. 

That's like saying someone who is a movie buff and collects movie posters and items connected with movies and has no intention of "turning a profit" because he/she simply loves the subject has to stop.

Or someone who is passionate and collects Victorian Majolica or Clarice Cliff pottery must stop.

No. No. No. No.

Re-read what I wrote and try to concentrate.  I have written it all very clearly.

I love comics and comic art as well as comic book history and I'll devour any book on the subject or the creators involved -it's why I put The Hooper Interviews together in the first place.  I was doomed into comics and art....well, about 4 or 5 years of age.  I may not understand half the foreign language comics I have but if you do not understand why I still love them and look at them then you may as well look at another blog.

I'm also a well known naturalist and I pick up old books on topics I specialise in -ornithology, books on canids and felids and so on.

I also happen to be a historian so, yes, I have a lot of local history, books on the Golden Age of Piracy and military uniforms, tactics and so on that cover ancient to contemporary periods.

I also happen to have a lot of very rare and hard to find books on strange phenomena, sea creatures and so on and if I chose to sell them quite a few of my financial problems would be solved!  However, I use them for research and reading and I am NOT going to sell them (I was offered £300 about six years ago for my signed copy of Budd Hopkins' Intruders. No. Absolutely not.

My original pencil drawing by the late John Cooper of Judge Dredd, One-Eyed Jack, Johnny Red I was offered £400 for.  No.  My Mike Western inked Darkie's Mob illo I was offered far -FAR- more for but no. And the Western pencilled Leopard From Lime Street illo that I inked -£400.  No.

I just simply do not buy to speculate and make a lot of money.  If I was in it for that then, perhaps I might have bought these items!

You See, People: THIS Is WHY I Need To Make Money -Mykros, Photonik & l’Archer Blanc
I can only look, dream and weep!

WHY do I never get these books to review??!!  (I'm off to have a tantrum)

Les Sup’Héros sont de retour !

Une vague de nostalgie envahit les amateurs de super-héros, et l’envie de certains de redonner vie aux lectures de notre enfance sonne le rassemblement des Sup’Héros. Comme une évidence, la fin d’année 2013 va être marquée par un nombre incroyable d’initiatives isolées visant à remettre nos héros sur le devant de la scène. Voici en détail les différentes parutions à venir.

Delcourt nous propose de redécouvrir Mikros dans son intégralité et nous propose une première intégrale de 288 pages dans la collection Comics Fabric. Une réédition en noir & blanc avec une nouvelle couverture signée Jean-Yves Mitton. Son prix : 22,95€

Mikros Archives tome 1 est maintenant disponible chez Delcourt

Découvrez Mikros Archives tome 1

Delcourt toujours nous invite à découvrir un inédit : la rencontre entre Mikros & Photonik dans un album de 100 pages écrit et dessiné par Jean-Yves Mitton. Les couleurs sont signées Reed Man.
Mikros / Photonik sort le 20 Novembre chez Delcourt 

Découvrez Mikros / Photonik, de l’ombre à la lumière

Les éditions Black & White proposent deux intégrales Photonik de 600 pages avec l’intégralité des pages de Photonik parues dans Mustang et Spidey. Pour l’occasion, Ciro Tota a réalisé une nouvelle couverture. Ces intégrales sont limitées à 500 exemplaires. A noter que cette réédition est en N&B.

L’intégrale Photonik tome 1 sort fin Octobre chez Black & White
Découvrez Photonik – Intégrale tome 1

Découvert dans les pages du Journal de Mickey, l’Archer Blanc est une création de Jean-Yves Mitton et François Corteggiani.

Original Watts propose une intégrale de 144 pages de l’Archer Blanc en couleurs avec une couverture inédite de Thomas Frisano pour 59€

L’intégrale de l’Archer Blanc sort le 15 Novembre chez Original Watts

Découvrez l’Archer Blanc de Jean-Yves Mitton

Découvert dans les pages de Titans, Kronos de Jean-Yves aura droit à son intégrale chez Bleus & Originaux.

Kronos va faire l’objet d’un album de 138 pages, couverture souple, avec 8 pages en couleurs et le reste en N&B.

Sortie prévue en Novembre / Décembre 2013, pas plus d’info pour le moment.

Original Watts toujours nous propose un guide des Sup’Héros illustré par Jean-Yves Mitton, soit 46 fiches de personnages dont Mikros, Epsilon et j’en passe. Ca risque de faire un beau bouquin :
Sortie en Mars 2014

Organic Comix réalise un rêve de vieux fans en proposant dès le mois de décembre la suite de Demain les Monstres de Jean-Yves Mitton avec Demain… Mars, qui s’annonce galactique et érotique !
Découvrez Demain Mars
Découvrez Demain les Monstres
Découvrez les planches originales de Demain les Monstres !

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Why Collecting Comics RUINED the Industry! | Comic Misconceptions

Captain America: Civil War Official Super Bowl TV Spot (2016) - Chris Ev...


By Spoon! The Jay Meisel Story TRAILER

More Comic Shops Need To Close Down -And I Am NOT Joking

Remember the 2010 Eyjafjallajökull eruption?  I think 2010 was my last year going into a comic shop, too. 

Anyway, comic shops began to panic because their Marvels and DCs (their Image and that other company) comics were not getting to the UK.  But did the shops try to push back issues or graphic novels that they had so many of because they ordered out of stupidity and greed? 


They panicked.  As far as they were concerned they HAD to have new comics on the shelves because what else could they put on their comic shelves (let's not be too hard on them because a lot of these people are just stupid through greed)?

In the UK Diamond has a monopoly on comic distribution. If you were around in the 1980s and knew a lot of the shop holders back then you will know how they got that monopoly thanks to Titan Distributors.  From 4-5 distributors we went to one.  A monopoly.  But business monopolies in the UK are far from legal.  Here, read:

But do shop owners complain when, if they did, a new distributor might set up competition and offer them lower prices?  No, because they are scared of Diamond and they don't know much about business other than that they can inflate comic prices to get their money back.

But in 2010 Diamond had a panic. No comics to distribute and there was talk that another distributor (I know who) had access to the latest US comics and was starting to offer them to shops. The shops all acted like scarede kids because "What if Diamond finds out?" -that was said to my face three times by shop owners.

So, Diamond thought "Independent comics -they saved us all before!" Which is what the "Black and White Explosion" of the 1980s did along with US companies recruiting UK creators. "Now's your chance to get on comic shop shelves!" they declared -and comic shops had to bite the bullet.

I asked Diamond how many copies per month of titles they would need?  What the special deal was" and so on.

"We only want the books until we can get our usual stock in" I was told.  As were several other Indie publishers. The deal?  Over 75% of the book cover price -and the publisher paid to get the books to Diamond so....publishers had to give their books for you know why those shelves remained empty until the US imports started arriving.

But Indie publishers who did supply comic shops turned up to find their books no longer on the shelf. Most were dumped into boxes waiting for them to collect and some were turn, badly creased or even had coffee stains (?!) on them.  "We did say we took no responsibility for damages" was a phrase used a lot. Three years later one publisher who was owed £20 (just £20 -$40) gave up trying to get his money.

Back in the 1980s with Preview Comic I lost £50 from the sales of issues 1-5 because Forbidden Planet in London "can't read the signature on the invoice?" and other insulting con-man remarks.  £50 back then was a lot of money and would have meant continued publication.

But comic shop owners are "okay" and "their mates" -what I used to think. Remember I supported one shop and was banned (I still have all the emails) because I purchased an Independent comic they told me for months they could not get so I told the owner I'd track it down online. Two weeks later the owner (I saw him) hid at the top of the shop stairs as one of his staff verbally abused me because I bought the comic they now had (after months of saying it was impossible to get so go online). The temptation was to floor the little fecker being rude but I just said loudly "You hide up there while one of your staff rudely insults someone who has promoted and supported your business since day one?" then I walked out (the boss was very brave later in his email).

Like the guy in the last video posted says, most of the people are shit.  Morons.  Rather than build a strong comic shop industry embracing all genres and publishers like they used to up to the late 1980s, they prefer decline with Marvel, DC, Image or that other company.

Decent, honest shop owners are very rare today and how long have they been trading -most are almost dealing with their comic shops as an extension of their hobby not a real business.

Personally, I think we need less and less comic shops.  More need to go out of business, and they will be, because if they are SCARED of their distributor who cannot survive without them, and will not diversify, they deserve to go. "Where are people going to get their comics then?" If you are really asking that question then YOU need to go, too!

Friday, 5 February 2016

Comics are dead. be honest I think comics have died for me.  Its not comic reading fans now its "I want to be trendy" and screw fans for every penny possible while insulting them. 

I'm not just talking about comic publishers but the gutter slime distributors and even the comic shop owners who only want Marvel and DC shit on their shelves and fuck anything that isn't making them a lot of money.

The festered turds who trade on Amazon and Ebay and over inflate already over inflated prices on "rare"/"Vintage"/ "Must have" issues that are anything but.  These comics were printed in huge numbers. But these people get away with it because "chumps pay cash".   

Books don't achieve the huge bids a dealer wants then there's an excuse why that book hasn't been on sale or listed even though it has been listed and you've been in contact with the seller.  Or their little helpers who move in quick before the bidding stops and, uh, "out bid" you...a week later the same book is listed again.

True fans leaving comics -I wonder why?

Comics are dead.