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Monday, 6 July 2015

Disney Paid $4 billion For Marvel -Was THAT A Good Deal?

There is a rather "dirty" question asked by Newsarama.  The "Dirty" subject is about money -in particular: was Disney's $4 billion buy out of Marvel worth it?

I know there are -there really are- comic fans out there that refuse to believe Disney owns Marvel let alone pulls the strings.  So I hope they do not let reality encroach too much by reading this!

Anyway, I think it is quite obvious what the answer is but there are lots of facts and $ figures here so check out Newsarama (SPOILER -it WAS!):


In Response To Mr Stransky....

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Mecha Gorilla....One Day......

Meca Gorilla is something I think the Japanese will know!  Not that any Japanese read CBO.  But, one day, when I strike it rich with that Black Tower Super Hero movie....I'm gonna get me this toy.

Got a problem with that?

2015 Clallam Bay Comicon

Contact: Donna Barr, phone 360 963 2935, email donnabarr01@gmail.com
CLALLAM BAY, WASHINGTON - The Clallam Bay Comicon is July 11-12, 2015, at the Lion's Club at 90 Bogachiel Way, Clallam Bay, Washington. Free admission. $25 tables. For more information: 360 963 2935 or donnabarr01@gmail.com

Donna Barr: comics * illustration * portraits * storyboards * murals * bookstore: http://www.donnabarr.com

DC Comics Needs To "Up" Its Game

It seems to be a trend people are noticing.  DC Comics items get only half the views as items about Disney-Marvel Comics.  Back in the 1980s/1990s, fanzines and other news from either company got equal reactions/views but since the internet DC really does appear to have dropped down the hole more.

Ignoring the pundits who are calling the various so far not released movies "failures" Marvel comics still attracts more attention.  Interestingly, Comicgirl19 just uploaded a non-spoilers review of her viewing of the movie at the premiere of Ant Man -she loved it.

Quite obviously, DC needs to push the PR more.  Push and promote action figures, trades and so on because those you find online are VASTLY over-priced based on the fact that the Batman V Superman movie will feature Wonder Woman and might feature other DC heroes so, as with the Sub-Mariner merchandise hyped prices -I made it as clear as I could that there was NO Sub-Mariner movie in the works but ignore me. Pay incredible prices for stuff that...well, is not worth 0.2% of what you paid- so the scum traders are pushing "rumoured to be in the new Batman-Superman movie!" to sell over priced items.

DC comics never read CBO (I understand their focus is on Tales From The Kryptonian) but, guys -info!!

"Super-Man fighting is poised ready to take on the World's villains. This official licensed product from Schleich is hand painted and intricately modelled. It is the perfect gift for any DC Comics/Superman/Justice League fan or collector."

$5.14.  Yours for $17.50   In the UK new and boxed from a shop -£5.49 -on Amazon or Ebay -£9.95, £11.00, £17.00+  exploiters are drooling.  Incidentally, in the UK £9.95 -free postage" is NOT free postage because that price includes postage more than you'd need -seller extra profit.

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Billy Moron Sez: "I grabbed these Suicide Squads because of the film coming up so they'll be hot!"

Whoa.  There are some real arschlochs out there. I've been watching some videos of comic collectors.  Well, not real collectors but....well.

One is rude about someone he purchased lots of action figures and Silver Age comics from and adds "I'll be going back to his house  -he has no idea what he has"...so he's ripping the person off.

Then there's "I grabbed this. It has Darkseid in it -I'm jumping on board cus he's bound to be in a DC movie soon" and "This guy from the Flash TV series is going to be Vibe so I grabbed this comic!" Most of these people have no idea about the characters or history -"no one really cares". 

And the bitching about first appearances -"He was only in a couple of final panels so that's not his first appearance -that's the next issue where he's on the cover!"  Let me make this clear because there are MORONS in comics.  The established protocol is that if a character appears in #123 -even if it's only a panel or 3 panels- THAT is the FIRST appearance.  Scream and shout all you like but that is first appearance.  Not "NO! He's got to be on the cover!" Argue about it and you are an ass.

"I grabbed these Suicide Squads because of the film coming up so they'll be hot!" But, not the original Suicide Squad (Task Force X?) the newer versions cus, like, the old stuff is lame and the new comics have the movie characters in, y'know?

I despair.

2015 Clallam Bay Comicon Panels and Events

To Add a panel:
Email me to make changes or put in a panel or event. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED. Make up your own stuff, find your own panelists. PANELS ARE ONE HOUR - unless you want to arm-wrestle one of the other panel moderators on the Facebook site. 


Caravan Road Trip: Attendees are planning car pools and caravan from Seattle, best along Highway 101 past Lake Crescent (visit recommended), then up Highway 113 to 113-112 junction to Clallam Bay. To schedule and organize, see the Facebook page.

Sol Duc Hot Springs: Cheap day admission. Bring your swimsuit. Let me know when you're coming. Let's solid up this event, for those arriving Friday on the road trip. Hit the Hungry Bear Restaurant for some solid eats to stoke up for the rest of the drive.

Horror Movie Night; Friday or Sunday (depending on body count): Bring your favorite DVD scare-fest. Because if you don't, I'll bring mine, and then it's "Prophecy 1" and "Warm Bodies." Or for something truly ghastly, guilty pleasure "Trueblood." Hallowe'en is huge up here, so it's never too early to kick off the Dark Times.

FRIDAY 8 pm: Guest of Honor Barbecue.  

SATURDAY 10 am - 5 pm

9 am-10 am: Show set-up (if you plan to get in Friday, you must contact me about  possible early set-up).

10 am: Show officially opens

10 am: Fun Days Parade Lineup. Those who wish to participate in the Fun Days parade, assemble at Weel Road Deli/Shell parking lot. Be fabulous. We need somebody to secure the hall if everybody else leaves. Donna has to cover the parade for local papers; she'll buy you coffee.

11 am-12 Noon: Fun Days Parade

Noon-1: Lunch break. Find Fun Days goodies, including the Lion's Club barbecue, and frybread and Indian Tacos in the bus barn. We have a kitchen. Potlucks and shairsies welcome.

2-2:50 pm: How To Draw A Horse Right, Damnit. Donna Barr reprises a classic from San Diego Comicon. Bring paper and pencil or tablets so you can follow along. Will give instructions upon request, so if you want to know about centaurs and ponies, just ask. The more drawings she does, the more she'll have to hand out at the end of the panel. Nonsense will abound. This will be filmed and posted on YouTube. Linda Medley says she's going to lead off with How To Draw A Horse Badly, dedicated to Josh Whedon. Not that I believe she can.

3-3:50 pm: How To Draw Cats Roberta Gregory shows everyone how to draw our favorite house tigers, as featured in her True Cat Toons book (available at her table).

4-4:50: Concert With Crime and the Forces of Evil 

5 pm: Show closes for the evening; hall locks up. All of us with tables make the hall sparkle, and Our Guy Jerry happy.

7-11:00 pm (with break for fireworks): *Clallam Bay Comicon Eigenbrötler Film Festival Celebrating strange, unusual, unique media

Dusk: Fireworks in Sekiu.

SUNDAY 10 am - 5 pm

10 am: Show opens.

Noon-1: Lunch break. What did you all bring?

5:00 pm: ARGGGHHH! Swab-The-Decks Event. Show closes, ALL participants  heave to and make the Lion's Club ship sparkle! Pirate hats optional. Jerry Our Guy loves us for this part.

7:00-11:00 pm: Dead Dog Party in the con suite.


Caravan Road Trip: Head out along Highway 112 to Port Angeles to complete the road trip look. Take in the beaches! Stop in Port Angeles for a big breakfast someplace, and take off. I'll be along, for sure (I'll bus back home).

Gaming: Gaming has gotten so fun and noisy it will have to be on the porch. But the porch is open and needs plastic to block off the wind - and this will let you go all night, after I need to lock up the hall. So get some cheap rolls of painting plastic, or contact me about what you plan to do. Jerry says we can use hooks if we don't wreck the place (those threatening to turn the porch into a medieval great hall - we'll just get out of your way). 

Security: Absolutely do not leave any outside doors open unless Donna Barr KNOWS it, and why.

Participant Details:

*Building on the success of last year's Clallam Bay Comic Con, event organizers announced today the creation of the Eigenbrötler Film Festival, a program created to celebrate the unusual, unique, and unknown of the cinematic artform, to be held during the evenings of the Comic Con, scheduled for July 11-12.

"Everyone has a favorite movie, tv show, or video that seems a bit odd, but which is also unforgettable and quirky," states Torsten Adair, film festival director.  "It can be something as professional as Daffy Duck being tormented by an unseen animator, or as homemade as a video of a water-skiing squirrel.  If it catches your attention and makes you wonder 'what the heck?' then it's probably worthy for inclusion in our program."

Attendance to the Film Festival is free to all attendees of the Clallam Bay Comic Con.  Attendees are encouraged to bring food to share with the audience.  Those unable to prepare food are encouraged to bring a box of pasta and a jar of sauce.  Any excess food will be donated to charity.

For further information, or to submit or suggest a film for the festival, visit the Clallam Bay Comic Con website, or join the conversation on the CBCC Facebook page, "2015 Clallam Bay Comicon"


Friday, 3 July 2015

Batman V Superman and Whatever Happened To Good versus Evil?

Ahhhh.  Dealing with rescued pigeon.  Delays everything.

Any how, I was looking at all the Batman v Superman hype and the "much anticipated confrontation" -okay, if you are old enough you'll see that a lot in this is Miller The Dark Knight Returns inspired -particularly the heavy duty bat-suit.

But here is something: in Busiek & Perez's JLA-Avengers (2003) we saw the differences between the Marvel and DC comics universes.  At one point the Flash notes how hostile people are in the MU -particularly toward mutants.  In the DCU, Quicksilver is stunned that people there hero worship and hold super heroes in high regard -"They even have a Flash museum".

Okay, Marvel's Universe at this moment has become....a cesspit of exploitation for a quick buck but, as Sanchez noted in Comments -NO Loki or Black Widow comics.  I mean, WTF? Loki, thanks to the movies, is almost as popular as the heroes but no comic?  Jack would be spinning in his grave.  AND no Black Widow comic.   N O  Black Widow comic.  Like Black Widow in toys, Disney seems not to like the idea of promoting Ms Romanoff or Romanov or however they spell it now.

But, while the Avengers were formed to fight a common foe it seems the Justice League will emerge from Batman taking down a Superman with a Messiah complex.   Since 2003 DCU has sunk lower and lower in the mire and "dark and nasty sells....until the next crisis" seems the golden rule

Right, I may be getting old but I remember when super heroes were those "brightly coloured costumed heroes who stood as a beacon of hope".

It seems more about hero fighting hero than Good versus Evil.  Good versus Evil -and a fun read. But, unlike many others, I am not going to condemn the movie!  I have not seen it, though there seems a big trend in slating every new movie as "awful"/"terrible" based on a few photographs.

Let's see how it goes.  But I still like Good Versus Evil!